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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hidden Hearts by Rachel Smith

Hidden Hearts by Rachel Smith
Publishing: Awe Struck Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (312 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Captain Jesse Rivers of the Texas Rangers put everything on the line, daring to court a woman divided from him by breeding, culture and fortune. She promised to wait for him and didn't. When she reappears sixteen years later, she refuses to answer Jesse's questions about the intervening years.

Elena de la Cruz loved her Texas Ranger captain enough to marry another man to save his life. Then she committed murder to save her own and her son's. When fortune leads her back to Jesse, how can she confess her crimes to a man who lives for justice? Especially when her son's life still hangs in the balance...

Years ago Jesse loved Elena. She held his heart and soul only to marry someone else. When he sees her again, the love and heartache are still there but he is willing to listen and make a new life with her.

Jesse Rivers was a successful, busy Texas Ranger who spotted the lovely Elena one day in the street and decided that she was the one for him. After arranging a meeting and courting her properly she gave him her heart and soul. Upon returning to her home to begin their life, he discovers that she has married another with no explanation or contact with him.

Retiring from his job, Jesse returns to his life, along the way taking guardianship of two orphans unrelated to him, Charlie and Elizabeth, and raise them as his own. They do not replace the children he wished to have with his love but he dedicates his life to them and then ranch they build.

Years later, his two orphans marry and Charlie hires a nurse to care for his very pregnant Elizabeth … Elena. When discovering her identity, Jesse demands answers for all the questions that have plagued him throughout the years, though Elena isn't ready to divulge her secrets.

This is quite an adventure and journey to participate in with all these amazingly loving, caring, forgiving and rebounding people. This story is all about second chances, in love and life.

Jesse and Elena’s second chance at love and a new life, and the older Charlie and Elizabeth’s second chance at a life they dreamed of, thanks to Jesse. Jesse is such a strong and steady presence and he is only complemented by the loving and strong personality of his new wife. Elena’s fear that he will turn away when he finds out the truth is palpable and heart wrenching.

The story moves despite being burdened in places with considerable detail but the feeling and emotion of the characters stay strong throughout. It will bring you into the lives of these lovers and keep you there even after the story ends. That is the mark of a good novel and I suggest you pick up a copy of your own.