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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guarding Pax by Viola Grace

Guarding Pax by Viola Grace
Sector Guard 15
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (64 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become dangerous and uncontrolled. The Sector Guard techs rise to the challenge and in no time, Tricia has been outfitted with a uniform that will let her eat and converse in public without putting her in a bubble. Guardian is her new commanding officer and they have met before. When she was a mediator and he was joining the Alliance, she mediated his contract and he took a place in her nocturnal fantasies from that day onward. Now, assigned to Guardian as a partner, Pax has several things to deal with, and her life depends on his attention to detail. If he would stop staring at her butt, things would go a lot smoother.

The Sector Guard just keeps growing. Guarding Pax is book fifteen in the series, and the last to add personnel to Battle Base Udell, at least for now.

When Tricia Williams’ talent for pacifying ramps up and becomes uncontrollable, the powers that be at the Citadel hand her over to the Sector Guard. She is to become the newest member of the Guard, to be trained to control her pheromones, or as she prefers, her particles. She hasn’t been able to be around people in months, and she is tired of containment bubbles. So when Fixer creates a suit that will contain her ability, she is overjoyed to be free again.

When she is told she is to partner with Guardian, one of the few beings she can be around, she doesn’t understand the implications at first. What she does know is, the first time she met Guardian was when she negotiated his contract for his term with the Alliance, and the same electric connection is between them now as was there when they met.

Martuas, or Guardian, is just as surprised to see her, and as commander of Udell base, he looks forward to helping her become all that she can become, and that includes becoming his mate. She just doesn’t know that part yet. Can Tricia, as Guardsman Pax, gain control over her talent and live a normal life? Will she accept all that Guardian offers? Can this be a new beginning for her, and brighter future with Guardian?

I never get tired of seeing the progress in Viola Grace’s imaginative and unique universe, and this one stretches the boundaries once again. I never know what to expect from Ms. Grace, but I know it will be an enjoyable and delightful experience. The characters are intriguing and multi faceted, and the adventure they are thrust into is dangerous and fast paced.

I like the spunky nature that Tricia/Pax displays, once she is able to freely interact with others. She is a strong character, able to cope with being isolated for long periods, until she is finally ‘contained’ by Fixer. Her humor and her sarcastic verbal jabs as she communicates with Guardian are fun and witty. Her surprise when it is revealed that she is not fully Terran is tempered by her relief at being able to remain free.

Martuas/Guardian is one very hot Nharvil male. He is impervious to the emissions that Tricia puts out, making him the perfect mate and partner for her. He is tall, handsome and silver, and he can’t wait to be alone with his partner. I liked his acceptance of her as she was, but also his recognition that she was in transition, and was able to prepare her for what was to come.

This latest addition to the Sector Guard series brings back a few familiar characters from other books, and I enjoyed catching up with their lives. There is a humorous scene in which one of Fixer’s twins finally says her first word, mimicking her mother with a word that shuts her mother up quite effectively, while amusing the whole medical team of Morganti Base.

There is laughter, danger and adventure, but there is also passion and romance. Do they get a happy ever after? Read Guarding Pax to find out.