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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Desire’s Edge by Tessa McKay

Desire’s Edge by Tessa McKay
Lady Faire Book 2
Publisher: Devine Destinies Books
Genre: Historical, Contemp, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Time Travel
Length: Full Length (246 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Lavender

Rafe Harrison is hard to ignore. Handsome, confident and boorish, he is beloved by most everyone at the faire, particularly the women. Even Kyra’s best friend is quick to champion him, much to Kyra’s dismay. Kyra knows little about Rafe, but wisely despises his bravado, his appeal and his slipshod reenactment methods. And when Rafe is implicated in her best friend’s riding accident, she cannot forgive him for his neglect or herself for the unwelcomed sensations he stirs within her.

After tampering with a gypsy potion, Kyra suddenly finds herself and Rafe transported back to sixteenth-century England, and it is nothing like the 1500s back home. It is a dangerous time of court intrigue, French wars and Scottish insurrection, and soon Kyra finds that she must learn to trust the courage and heart of the man she reviles if they are to survive. More importantly, she must learn to trust her own heart as she fights for both her own and Rafe’s survival upon one of the bloodiest battlefields in England—Flodden.

I enjoyed the first in the series, Love’s Elixir, by Tessa McKay, but the second, Desire’s Edge was even better.

Kyra and Rafe work at a Renaissance festival, and they travel back in time to Henry VIII’s London, an exciting era to begin with. They are Henry’s prisoners.

In the first book, I didn’t really warm up to Kyra, found her judgmental and cold, but in this book, I got more of an understanding of her. She becomes more engaging, particularly to Rafe; a likeable character.

Kyra, a history professor, has the intriguing idea of delving deeper into the minds of famous historical characters she meets for better understanding. I can appreciate that. She’s in the fascinating sixteenth century, and the historical details, the world she finds herself in, is well written.

I liked Rafe from the first book and had wished he made an appearance earlier than he did in this book, but when he finally came onto the scene, I was not disappointed. Rafe is more romantic than Kyra. He’s a large animal doctor helping the king’s horse. Kyra sees him at work, sees his compassion, and realizes Rafe isn’t a cynic. He’s gallant and believes in honor and keeping his word.

Kyra was once engaged and betrayed. This explains her attitude. I enjoyed seeing her become closer with Rafe.

When they enjoyed a kiss, it was nice, and worth waiting for.

Things get tense when the king wants Kyra as a mistress. Will she do it? Will she succumb to his demands? Henry has threatened both her and Rafe with terrible things if she doesn’t comply to his wishes. The suspense created is great, and the jousting contest as well. This is an adventurous tale.

There is one more installment due, and I’m invested in this story so will definitely look for it. The end of this second book has a great hook, a cliffhanger. Rafe is in Scotland about to take part in a disastrous battle where even the Scottish king is killed. Kyra is far away and desperately wants to reach him and warn him. Will she be successful? Will they change history? I can’t wait to find out.