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Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke

Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke
Publisher: HarperCollins/Avon
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (384 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Rosemary

Abandoned at the altar . . .

Lady Beatrix Danbury had always known she would marry William Mallory. She'd loved him forever and she'd never doubted he loved her, too. But when she made him choose between their life together or his lifelong dream, Will chose the latter . . . and left two weeks before their wedding.

Return of the duke . . .

Will has no illusions that Beatrix would welcome him back with open arms, but six years did not dim his love or desire for her. The only problem is, she's about to marry someone else. Someone safe and predictable . . . the complete opposite of Will. But can he stop the wedding of the season and win Beatrix back, or is it just too late?

Will Lady Beatrix Danbury marry safe and predictable Aidan Carr or will she will follow her heart and marry the adventurous and passionate William Mallory?

Childhood friends and sweethearts Beatrix “Trix” Danbury and William “Will” Mallory broke off their engagement so Will could pursue his dream of discovering King Tut’s tomb. Six years later, Will has returned to England from Egypt to secure financial backing to continue his search for King Tut, and Trix is now engaged to Aidan Carr. When Will and Trix find themselves spending a month at the same house party, they discover the love between them still exists but so do the differences that tore them apart years before.

Wedding of the Season is a fun-filled novel that takes Trix on a journey of self-discovery. Her deep love of her father and her desire to live a traditional life contributed to her inability to marry Will and move to Egypt. Following her father’s death, Trix and her cousin Julia embark on a madcap journey that involves learning to drive a motorcar, skinny dipping in the moonlight and dancing the can-can. Her engagement to the proper and dignified Aidan lacks passion and excitement, but Trix easily overlooks that in her quest for a conventional marriage.

It does not take long for Will to realize that he is still in love with Trix but he is not going to give up his quest for King Tut’s tomb. He cleverly devises a plan to spend time with Trix and bring some much needed adventure to her life, and hopefully along the way, force her to fall in love with him again.

Well rounded, engaging characters and snappy, humorous dialogue keep Wedding of the Season moving at a rapid pace. Laura Lee Guhrke is a gifted story teller, and fans of her novels will love this delightful new series.