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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones

Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones
Publisher: L and L Dreamspell
Length: Short Story (92 pgs)
Genre: Steampunk, Sci-Fi
Heat: Sweet
Rated: 5 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Colonel Carey takes a test "flight" through the Garradian time-space portal, but an unexpected impact lands him somewhere and some when. As he attempts to get to Area 51, he crosses paths with Miss Olivia Carstairs, who could be Mary Poppins' twin sister. Or maybe her cousin. Olivia's got a transmogrification machine powered by steam and a mouth he'd like to kiss like it was his job. Can he convince her to join forces before she shoots him with her derringer?

Area 51. Buzzards…and high security. Oh yes – this one had me from the start. Tangled in Time is identified as ‘steampunk’ and is my first foray into the genre. I worried that it would be a chaotic hodgepodge. However Pauline Baird Jones has convinced me quite otherwise.

First off – Tangled in Time is all about a couple of quirky characters; Col. Carey’s early interface with the buzzard develops reader sympathy early on, but Miss Olivia simply steals the show, hands down (or hands up, as they case may be, because she believes in being well-armed). She cares about stature and credibility we see… but her effort to establish it might leave the poor nonplussed Colonel in some doubt. She has no such troubling doubts – she knows a ruffian when she sees one, crinkly blue eyes or not.

However, they are both find themselves in not-entirely-predictable circumstances, fabulous pseudo-scientific machinery notwithstanding. Sharing a goal, (and fixing their problems) helps to bring them together.

Throughout, the colonel’s wry humor, Miss Olivia being so herself, and the brilliant dollops of humor all contrast nicely with the hardly-subtle threads of romance. Rest assured a bit of snogging will have a role to play here, and in more ways than one.

Time and space bend around – or force things (and people) to bend around them, in this fast paced action-slash-romance novella. That’s somewhat also Sci-fi with a perhaps a dash of fantasy…so let’s just forget about trying to assign it any particular descriptives. Tangled in Time has something for everyone.

Let’s face it, if you accept the time-space portal, the fact that the buzzard has some personality won’t really throw you.

I love original plots, quirky characters and surprises and I enjoyed every minute of Tangled in Time. Do read.