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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Playing with Fire by Christine Pope

Playing with Fire by Christine Pope
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Lavender

Samael calls the City of Angels home, but he’s far from angelic. His assignment: Bringing the souls of L.A.’s unquiet dead to the underworld. His duties don’t preclude more earthly entanglements, as long he keeps things purely physical.

When he meets Felicia McGovern, he soon realizes his attraction to her goes far beyond her admittedly enchanting flesh. Her unexpected discovery of his true nature separates the lovers, but when her life is in danger, Samael risks everything to keep her safe. He faces certain punishment…or possibly a redemption he never imagined could be his.

Playing With Fire by Christine Pope was an interesting short story that kept me guessing at times. In the paranormal genre, so much can happen, and this author did not disappoint me with my expectations for the genre.

The hero is a demon. Samael brings souls to the underworld, bad people who have earned their ticket to hell. That makes for intriguing possibilities. His adventures on the job and his thoughts and insights when he was “topside” kept me reading. I enjoyed getting to know his character and liked him.

Felicia McGovern also has a non-mundane job; she's a professional artist who gets paid to do people's portraits. She's likeable too, and this shows with the unfolding of the plot and the interesting premise.

The author throws in dashes of quirky secondary characters who don't overshadow the story and add just the right amount of something.

The chemistry between “Sam” and Felicia is sexy, and the love scene is spicy. When she accidently sees him in his demon form, the story takes an unexpected turn. She's turned off; he's a demon. How could there possibly be a good outcome for these two? I kept reading to discover if there would be.

I liked the supernatural aspects of the story, such as the description of souls and the cool encounter with an archangel.

Great suspense is created with an exciting fire scene. This short story is sure to delight fans of the supernatural, especially stories with angel/demon themes. I'd recommend if for a quick read.