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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frontier Wife by Margaret Tanner

Frontier Wife by Margaret Tanner
Publishing: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (254 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Fear almost crushes Thomasina (Tommy) Lindsay when she realizes the enormity of what she has undertaken - a rundown farm in frontier Australia. From green English fields she journeys to a land where danger lurks around every corner. Savage natives, bushfires, and a harsh, unforgiving environment, not to mention a hostile neighbor, Adam Munro, who is hell-bent on taking over her farm. Adam has lived his life without love and doesn’t need it now. Passion is for fools. All he wants is a presentable wife who will provide him with heirs, and he decides Tommy Lindsay is that woman.

Only in the new world can a high-born young Englishwoman and a tough frontiersman challenge the social boundaries and ignite a romance that will fulfill all their hopes and dreams.

Australia’s frontier land in the late 1800’s is not the ideal place to begin a new life or relationship, but when you have lost everything else, two more mouths to feed, then…why not?

Thomasina Lindsey and her two brothers, Daniel and Jaime venture to the vast ranch lands of Australia to claim their inheritance-a small, unprofitable ranch in the middle of a larger ranch owned by someone who wishes they would just go sell out to him and go away. Adam Munro is the stereotypical rancher: strong bodied, strong minded, hard working and just plain difficult to get along with everyone. Munro needs this small parcel of land because of it water source and it just happens to sit dead center of his forty thousand acre ranch.

The Lindsey’s are not giving up without a fight, but when they experience all the difficulties that come with living on a ranch, marriage to Mr. Munro is the only solution for Thomasina. Is it out of desperation or because she grows to truly love him? And of course, he being the man that he is, he cannot acknowledge his true feelings for her until it is almost too late.

Adam Munro is the tall, dark, handsome man that you want to run and cling to for his strength, support and stability. He brings life to this awesome novel about love, compromise, death and reality.

The best novel you can read will bring you smack into the middle of the setting, as if you were standing there with the characters themselves. That is what you get in this story. The descriptions and dialogue are wonderful, colorful and exact. Sometimes the fewer words the better and that is demonstrated several times throughout the story.

If you want to get lost in the past and visit another country, this book will let you experience the life of an English belle, who gives all she has to gain the love of a man who is all she has ever hoped for and becomes a reluctant frontier wife. A very good read!