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Monday, November 8, 2010

Touch of Temptation by Rhyannon Byrd

Touch of Temptation (Primal Instincts Book 6) by Rhyannon Byrd
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (379 pgs)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Kellan Scott, the Lycan shape-shifter, has vowed to redeem his playboy past…even allowing himself to be captured by his enemies to save a woman he's never met. Once imprisoned, stealing into Chloe Harcourt's cell is the easy part—withstanding her irresistible beauty is next to impossible.

Chloe has struggled to keep her unusual powers over other people's emotions in check, never trusting that any man could truly love her for herself. Until her mesmerizing rescuer awakens a primal craving for contact.

Their all-consuming passion is their strongest weapon against their sadistic captor. But Kellan's biggest battle may still lie ahead: to convince Chloe he's worthy of her undying love…or die trying.

The war continues to rage, but Kellan Scott is following his own destiny. He has gone to the Wasteland, trying to get himself captured in order to rescue Chloe Harcourt, before she is sacrificed to Calder, a Casus leader in Meridian. Since the moment he laid eyes on her photo, he has felt the need to be with her, to save her. Once he is at the compound where she is being held, the most difficult part of Kellan’s plan is to get Chloe to believe he is there to help. As for Chloe, she believes that Kellan only wants her because of an ancient family curse that intensifies attraction tenfold. Can Kellan get them all out alive in time? Will he be able to convince Chloe he wants her for her own merits, not some curse? Or will his secret separate them before they ever have a chance?

The world that Rhyannon Byrd has created for this series is wonderful: complex and deeply detailed, with layer upon layer of intrigue and danger around every turn. The characters are strong and determined, with a gritty reality to them. These are people who do what needs to be done, without regard to the niceties of society. I started late in this series, but will be taking the time to go back for the rest.

Kellan Scott is the ultimate bad boy. He has messed up so many times he can’t blame people for thinking he is a screw-up. But this is a man who wants, no needs, to redeem himself and start a new life. I loved Kellan and his strength of character in this book. He is determined, and strong and sexy along with it. But he is running out of time, literally, after being poisoned by a vampire. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if he would succeed at it all.

Chloe Harcourt is a witch, but also so much more. She has a confidence problem, because she feels no one will love her for herself because of her curse. She wants Kellan, but believes he is caught up in the Mallory curse, not really interested in her. She is also a Merrick, and her powers are beginning to awaken. I loved watching Chloe grow from a defeated and depressed woman, to a strong and determined fighter.

This is a book filled with passion, action, danger and intrigue. There are several wonderful surprises in store for the reader, and I was on the edge of my seat for most of this one. And the interaction between Chloe and Kellan was electric and very passionate. This is an excellent addition to this series, and I can’t wait for the next one.