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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playboy Prankster by Pamela Britton

Playboy Prankster by Pamela Britton
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (151 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Buttercup

From zero to sixty in a heartbeat—if she doesn’t throttle him first.

Extreme Racing, Book 1

When CJ Randall arrives in Nevada to cover the Celebrity Pro/Am Off Road Rally for DRIVE Magazine, she’s already stuck between a cactus and a hard place. Her boss has made it clear if this article doesn’t measure up, her job is wrecked. Then she gets a look at the “pro” half of her “am”: Tan. Rich. Overconfident. Unsuitable. Bachelor. Lacking. Ethics.


She’s sworn off tall, dark and handsome men. Too bad the desert heat is making her hyperventilate like a hormone-crazed teenager.

Despite her makeup-free face and ready-to-go attitude—a far cry from the high-maintenance women he’s used to—Bryce Danvers doesn’t expect CJ to last an hour. To his surprise, she toughs out the entire day. The least he can do is show his appreciation with some fast food and a friendly kiss.

The instant their lips connect, warning klaxons go off in CJ’s head. He’s a taste of heaven she can’t afford to sample again. Bryce finds himself wanting to give her generous curves a bumper-to-bumper inspection. And his focus on the checkered flag shot all to hell.

A story so hot it comes with a warning label. Playboy Prankster is a sexy, fun story of life and love, showing you how to laugh at the bumps along the road to finding both. The book touches on some serious issues, but always with a hint of a smile, inviting you to laugh at life.

C.J. Randall is the newest writer for Drive magazine and her assignment is to cover the Celebrity Pro/Am Off Road Rally, a charity race raising money for orphans. Bryce Danvers is one of the armature drivers, the Toy Tycoon the media has dubbed the "Playboy Prankster". C.J.'s assignment is to ride along with Bryce for the duration of the race.

The truck Bryce is driving for the race is owned by his old friend Harry Santint, maker of Harry's Happy Toys (for adults). The pit crew has endless fun playing pranks on C.J., they do everything from putting a blow-up doll in the first aid kit to attaching a dildo to her safety harness. C.J. deals with all the pranks as well as can be expected, while privately she can admit there is some humor to be found in them, she is usually to busy fighting with Bryce over his latest stunt to do much more than turn seven shades of red. Bryce is a good guy, who has worked hard to get where he is. He enjoys life and loves to laugh but sometimes he takes it a little to far.

I love C.J.'s character. She has this wonderful snarky, sarcastic sense of humor, that makes her real. She's not stick thin and, at size ten far from fat but like most women she has body issues, one's that have been exacerbated by her ex-boyfriend and current boss. This is a source of strength and weakness in her.

C.J.'s is still haunted by her not so distant past as well as the present, but she refuses to be beat, taking everything that is thrown at her, at least where work is concerned. She has this amazing resiliency about her, and is so much stronger that she thinks she is.

Miles Van Dyke, the editor from hell, while a little over the top in the slimy jerk category is not out of the realm of reality. I'm sure most women know at least one guy with some, if not most, of his less than charming attributes. After C.J. very adamantly rejects Miles sexual advances, he made it his business to get C.J. to either quit or give him a legitimate excuse to fire her. I don't want to spoil the fun but I have to mention C.J's revenge on her sexually harassing boss. While probably not legal or advisable, it was hilariously perfect, almost to good for words. If the book had no other redeeming qualities, it would still have been worth the read for that scene alone.

For the little boy inside the man that never quite grew up and all the women that love him. Playboy Prankster is good for a laugh and some truly great characters.