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Friday, November 19, 2010

Celestial Storm by Viola Grace

Celestial Storm (Sector Guard 13) by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (85 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensuous
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Andra Nickles has been a Terran courier assigned to the Sector Guard for a few years. The storm that wraps her ship and makes its way inside finds her just outside of Udell. With her body overwhelmed, her mind shuts down and the entity within the storm takes up residence.

Racked with radiation that she doesn't know how to control, she is relegated to the home of Udell's avatar, Nich, where she learns a little about his race and a lot about his taste in botanicals. Using flowers as a tool to visually measure her radioactive output is unorthodox, but everything she is now experiencing is beyond her situational training. With care and control, she becomes the Celestial Storm, now she just needs to rework the name.

Sometimes trouble finds you when you least expect it. Terran courier Andra Nickles is on a routine delivery when a freak celestial storm invades her ship, and then her body, filling her with radiation she doesn’t know how to control. The only place safe for her is the home of the planet Udell’s avatar, Nich. He tries to help her learn control of her new “power” and uses botanicals to gauge her radiation levels.

Nich/Udell realizes Andra is the mate he/they have been waiting for, and Sector Guard recruits her to the force. After a successful trial by fire, she begins to learn what her talent can do. Can she learn to control her radiation in order to be safe around others? Will she accept the love and care that Nich offers? Will she gain approval from her future mother-in law?

I look forward to each new episode in Viola Grace’s Sector Guard series. Her world expands with each new story, and I love how she brings in characters from earlier stories to bring us up to date. These are gentle romances, with some adventure and humor to them.

Andra is an interesting character. When she realized she was in trouble, she tried to prevent what happened, but was just overwhelmed. I enjoyed watching her adapt to the entity that took up residence in her body, and her interactions with both Nich and Udell. I liked that the main manifestation of the storm was benign giggles in Andra’s mind. Her strength of character is fantastic, and she has a sassy sense of humor about her situation. Her link to her former Terran friend, now Star Breaker, is a great asset to her, and I loved their chocolate obsession as well.

Nich is the perfect match for Andra. As the avatar to the planet Udell, he is able to be around her radiation in the beginning. He is strong, handsome and yet sensitive to her feelings. I loved that, although the original reason for the flowers was to gauge the radiation, he continues to bring them when he sees that it pleases her. I liked that he was patient with her, and his gentle seduction when he realized she was ready was the perfect setting.

The Sector Guard series just keeps going and growing, adding new couples to each base. I look forward to meeting new personnel and seeing more adventures from the amazing mind of Viola Grace.