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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Wild Wedding Night by Leslie Kelly

Another Wild Wedding Night by Leslie Kelly
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (218 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Sister-of-the-groom Bonnie Campbell is certainly no groupie. But when famous, drop-dead-hottie action star Drew Ericson films his latest flick at the wedding inn, she turns into his naughtiest fan….

Jazz Wilkes is rough, tough and totally in touch with her sexual appetite. No man can withstand her desires…except proper yet wildly sexy Blake Marshall! He'll give her a night to remember… but only if she'll give him the rest of her life!

Passion? Abby Bauer wants some! Her fiancĂ©, Keith, just doesn't make her toes tingle. But the dashing masked man at the reception sure does….

Three exciting stories packed in one wedding night kept this reader wrapped in a comfy blanket of hot romance.

The author, Ms. Kelly, has a cheeky sense of humor and a knack for the unexpected to keep a reader riveted throughout the entire book. I had a riot of a time and I enjoyed how she wove each story to intermingle with the others. The common theme is the unusual wedding of Reese and Amanda. They both have family members who are on their own paths to romance but need a bit of help, guidance and inspiration to get them to gel.

It starts with an epilogue that foreshadows the fun. The first stop is the section called The Kiss.

The first story revolves around quiet and peaceful Bonnie and the super star hunk Drew. She hates his guts and he has no idea why. She gets all fired up at one point and a reader sees just how deeply she feels and how passionate she is when she truly and strongly believes in something. When she finds out the truth, it opens her world to new and exciting possibilities, one of which is the delicious Drew. He might be famous but he has an external conflict that completely has him wary and worried. The measure of the man inside gets taken when something dire happens to Bonnie.

The fun happens when certain factions of her family decide that Drew is okay and then plot to give them a chance to see where it leads. I enjoyed the dialogue and emotional tango.

Halfway There stars Jazz and Blake. She’s one tough cookie who has this tough outer core to hide the pain and insecurity within. A very tortured heroine for sure. Blake is the guy she works with and he drives her nuts. Thing is, it’s all a front. Both of them have put these false fronts up to each protect their own hearts. It was a thrill ride to watch them tentatively reach out to the other and realize they don’t hate each other after all. As all romance fans know, hate is just the flip side of love on the coin of life. Add to that a bit of drama when Blake steps up to the plate and rescues Jazz and emotional connections get forged. There’s tenderness as well as sensual happenings and love couldn’t happen to a more deserving couple.

Last Call follows Abby and Keith. They are perfect for each other – perfectly boring that is. Out of all of them, even though Bonnie and Drew had the most excitement, this one is the most heartfelt, sweet and oozing with romance. It’s the classic case of he thinks he has to be one way to be the man she wants and she wants what he really wants to be except neither knows the truth. It also proves one of the basic tenets of a relationship is communication. Without it a couple will jump to erroneous conclusions and will take something pure and honest and turn it into something fearful or distrustful. It takes Keith’s willingness to act on a clever and sensuous seduction scene to show Abby his true intentions towards her and the result was explosive. I had a ton of fun reading this story.

Another Wild Wedding Night is jam packed with the best of what romance has to offer. It has danger, romance, fighting, suspense, laughter, embarrassment and avowals of true love sure to warm a reader’s heart. The women are strong in their own right and the men are better for knowing and loving them.

When they get between the sheets or behind closed doors, a reader is in for a treat; just have those fans and ice cubes ready. I was totally entertained and had a great time reading this book and I recommend reading Another Wild Wedding Night for the sheer joy of being a romantic at heart.