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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Angel of Windword by Maggie Dove

Angel of Windword by Maggie Dove
Publishing: Eternal Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (229 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Having traded the blissful existence of her beloved Loire Valley, Angelique Beauvisage finds that Windword Hall has more than one villainous skeleton in the closet.

Evil forces are at play surrounding Angelique Beauvisage, but she has no clue. Sensuous and suspense-filled, ANGEL OF WINDWORD, begins with a murder that takes place four years before and turns into a perilous cat and mouse game played by two reluctant lovers, who spin a web of deception that only their love can unravel.

Angelique Beauvisage is Victorian England’s version of Cinderella. A loving father who has passed on left her and her entire fortune and future in the hands of a stepmother, who not only despises her but is a money hungry, business minded woman with a dilemma that only Angelique’s large inheritance can solve.

Angelique is in love with Henri Bertrand, a childhood friend with no future. Her stepmother’s scheme involves an arranged marriage with Viscount Nicholas Kent, whose father is also looking to solve his own financial issues through this marriage. This will combine the family fortunes and save their family businesses.

Kent has no desire or inclination to marry, nevermind just for money. His family's tragic past comes out to haunt him regularly with the presence of a bitter widowed sister-in-law who fancied herself in love with Kent but married his older brother James instead. With James’ unexpected and suspicious death, Kent is now in line for the Dukedom and control over the family. Mix in a hidden child, a loving older Aunt, two step-brothers who fear for their own futures, and a surprising family secret and you have an exciting and wonderful true romance that will make you smile.

Not having read anything by Maggie Dove previously, this was a great surprise. It was well written, well narrated and Nicholas is everything a great romantic hero is made of. There are many wonderful secondary characters, some pleasant and some not so much.

So many possibilities are here for future stories of Angelique’s step brothers with many of the same characters making appearances. The romance that builds between Angelique and Nicholas is not without its ups and downs and the author brings us right along with them every step of the way. What a great way to spend some quiet time, just curl up with this book and journey back one hundred years when love is just as wonderful as it is now.