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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy by Lynnette Kent

Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy by Lynnette Kent
(Codys: First Family of Rodeo series)
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (217 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Poppy

First-born son Jesse Cody is proud of his place in the close-knit Cody family. But everything he's worked for is on the line when he falls for Janie Hansen. The alluring former tomboy is the sister of his rival for World Champion Bull Rider…a man who also happens to be the older brother he never knew he had.

Janie has loved Jesse all her life. And one romantic week in December at the National Finals Rodeo tells her he returns the feeling—and then some! She couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than being the sexy cowboy's wife. But the long-buried secret threatening to divide the Codys forever could also tear apart their newfound romance.

When the dust settles, can Jesse step up and prove he's worthy of the Cody name—and Janie's love—not just for the holidays, but forever?

Finally – the ending we’ve been waiting for! In this final book in the Codys: First Family of Rodeo series, we get to see all the loose ends neatly tied. It’s been a long row to hoe, especially for Jesse – the man who thought he was the eldest Cody until it was revealed that Mark (his illegitimate brother) actually came first. This really rankles with Jesse, who’s suddenly unsure of his standing with the family, what his future holds and how he feels about Mark, his father and his mother. It’s all a big mess, and this is what constitutes the conflict in this story.

Janie, Mark’s half-sister, has loved Jesse as long as she can remember. He only thinks of her as his sister’s best friend... and now as the sister of his arch-nemesis. Still, on a trip to Las Vegas with the entire Cody family (which now includes Mark who wants his mother along and so gets Janie, too, since she’s their mother’s caretaker) Jesse suddenly sees Janie in a different, more flattering light.

Interestingly, I didn’t feel like the romance was the most important part of this book, though it certainly figured in significantly. Really, this was Jesse’s book, through and through. We read this story to discover how he would resolve all his conflicted feelings for pretty much everyone. His best friend was now married to Mark, he can’t understand how his mother forgave his father, how his father could stray in the first place and how he is supposed to welcome Mark into the family. Of course, his unwanted, but undeniable feelings for Janie figure into all this confusion.

I found this to be a satisfying conclusion to the series, in part because we get to revisit all the other couples we’ve met along the way and see what’s going on with them. It was good, too, to get inside Jesse’s head. In the previous book he was so angry and I couldn’t always understand why he was so incredibly upset about Mark. The whole family was a little sideways about it, but they were mostly accepting. Jesse was the only one who was downright vitriolic.

Janie was a great character: strong, steady, loving. She’s really got her head on straight and knows what matters in life. She’s a good foil for Jesse’s fiery temper. It was very evident why Jesse felt the way he did for her, even if he didn’t like it.

Jesse: Merry Christmas Cowboy was well written, with a strong plot that, while it didn’t have much conflict, had plenty of heart. I really enjoyed the entire series, and this book was no exception. It won’t stand alone well, but that’s okay – get the entire series and start from the beginning! You won’t be sorry to spend some time with this rodeo family.

Breathe by Donna Alward

Breathe by Donna Alward
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (125 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Water Lily

The first time they broke each others’ hearts. Now they have a second chance…

Doing what was expected didn’t get Anna Morelli anything but a bad marriage. Now that her life has fallen apart there’s only one place she can think of to regroup and figure out what comes next. Two Willows, the winery owned by the only man she could ever rely on. Her oldest friend. And her worst mistake.

Growing up as the poor boy didn’t stop Jace Willow from falling for Anna one hot, sultry summer. Back then, his best efforts to prove himself worthy of the Morelli standard fell just short. While it killed him to see her marry someone else, he made beating the Morellis at their own game his life’s work. And he’s excelled at it.

When Anna shows up on his doorstep, their painful history pales in the face of her need for a roof over her children’s heads—and some peace. The heat of their renewed passion is healing, but it burns away layers of hard-won emotional distance, reopening old wounds. Threatening their one last chance to rebuild their love on the shattered pieces of their broken hearts…

Anna Morelli has learned many things in the years since she married Stefano and not all of them easy or fun. Her self-esteem has taken a beating, but instead of retreating from the pain she rushes into more. Newly widowed with two young children to care for, Anna tells herself that bringing her children to Jace Willow’s vineyard will give her the chance to rest and regroup before moving forward. But it’s a lie. Jace was her biggest mistake and her largest regret. Their relationship isn’t one that will give comfort, it’s wrought with issues that, if she stays with him, must be faced.

Because of their past, Jace is friend, savior and fellow combatant. He knows her well enough to make each verbal cut bleed. And sometime wounds must be lanced in order to heal. Anna needs to learn how to forgive herself for past mistakes and move forward. She needs to face the past and get Jace to face it as well if she wants a future with him. And she does.

This, whether she admits it to herself or not, is why she takes her children to Jace’s. Everything else she tells herself is a sad attempt to avoid facing the truth.

Donna Alward does a great job showing how people lie to themselves to save their feelings and soothe their egos. Both Jace and Anna have plenty of baggage with their names on it. It is only in opening those suitcases and examining each item inside can these two people find their happily ever after.

While the format is standard romantic fare and the ending a foregone conclusion, what these two are hiding and how they work through their problems make Breathe different and well worth reading. Alward packs this short book with great emotional depth. I recommend it.

Playboy Prankster by Pamela Britton

Playboy Prankster by Pamela Britton
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (151 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Buttercup

From zero to sixty in a heartbeat—if she doesn’t throttle him first.

Extreme Racing, Book 1

When CJ Randall arrives in Nevada to cover the Celebrity Pro/Am Off Road Rally for DRIVE Magazine, she’s already stuck between a cactus and a hard place. Her boss has made it clear if this article doesn’t measure up, her job is wrecked. Then she gets a look at the “pro” half of her “am”: Tan. Rich. Overconfident. Unsuitable. Bachelor. Lacking. Ethics.


She’s sworn off tall, dark and handsome men. Too bad the desert heat is making her hyperventilate like a hormone-crazed teenager.

Despite her makeup-free face and ready-to-go attitude—a far cry from the high-maintenance women he’s used to—Bryce Danvers doesn’t expect CJ to last an hour. To his surprise, she toughs out the entire day. The least he can do is show his appreciation with some fast food and a friendly kiss.

The instant their lips connect, warning klaxons go off in CJ’s head. He’s a taste of heaven she can’t afford to sample again. Bryce finds himself wanting to give her generous curves a bumper-to-bumper inspection. And his focus on the checkered flag shot all to hell.

A story so hot it comes with a warning label. Playboy Prankster is a sexy, fun story of life and love, showing you how to laugh at the bumps along the road to finding both. The book touches on some serious issues, but always with a hint of a smile, inviting you to laugh at life.

C.J. Randall is the newest writer for Drive magazine and her assignment is to cover the Celebrity Pro/Am Off Road Rally, a charity race raising money for orphans. Bryce Danvers is one of the armature drivers, the Toy Tycoon the media has dubbed the "Playboy Prankster". C.J.'s assignment is to ride along with Bryce for the duration of the race.

The truck Bryce is driving for the race is owned by his old friend Harry Santint, maker of Harry's Happy Toys (for adults). The pit crew has endless fun playing pranks on C.J., they do everything from putting a blow-up doll in the first aid kit to attaching a dildo to her safety harness. C.J. deals with all the pranks as well as can be expected, while privately she can admit there is some humor to be found in them, she is usually to busy fighting with Bryce over his latest stunt to do much more than turn seven shades of red. Bryce is a good guy, who has worked hard to get where he is. He enjoys life and loves to laugh but sometimes he takes it a little to far.

I love C.J.'s character. She has this wonderful snarky, sarcastic sense of humor, that makes her real. She's not stick thin and, at size ten far from fat but like most women she has body issues, one's that have been exacerbated by her ex-boyfriend and current boss. This is a source of strength and weakness in her.

C.J.'s is still haunted by her not so distant past as well as the present, but she refuses to be beat, taking everything that is thrown at her, at least where work is concerned. She has this amazing resiliency about her, and is so much stronger that she thinks she is.

Miles Van Dyke, the editor from hell, while a little over the top in the slimy jerk category is not out of the realm of reality. I'm sure most women know at least one guy with some, if not most, of his less than charming attributes. After C.J. very adamantly rejects Miles sexual advances, he made it his business to get C.J. to either quit or give him a legitimate excuse to fire her. I don't want to spoil the fun but I have to mention C.J's revenge on her sexually harassing boss. While probably not legal or advisable, it was hilariously perfect, almost to good for words. If the book had no other redeeming qualities, it would still have been worth the read for that scene alone.

For the little boy inside the man that never quite grew up and all the women that love him. Playboy Prankster is good for a laugh and some truly great characters.

Mistress by Midnight by Nicola Cornick

Mistress by Midnight by Nicola Cornick
Publisher: Harlequin HQN Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (379 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Fennel

Merryn Fenner is on a mission to ruin the Duke of Farne. A beautiful bluestocking with a penchant for justice, Merryn has waited ten years to satisfy her revenge against sensual, mysterious Garrick Northesk. Her family name had been tarnished at his hands, her life destroyed. And now she intends to return the favor—by finding the true heir to the duke's title and disinheriting Garrick.

Yet when a disaster traps Merryn and Garrick together, white-hot desire stirs between the two sworn enemies. Her reputation utterly compromised, Merryn is forced to do the one thing she cannot bear: accept the scandalous marriage proposal of the man she has vowed to ruin.

Many components draw a reader to a certain book. The author? Check! I look out for Ms. Cornick’s books. The cover? Check, although I had to visit the author’s website to find it! The title? Check! It intrigued me as soon as I saw it. But… As I read on it puzzled me because it didn’t appear relevant to the contents of the book. If I have a nit, it is the misdirection of expectations the title created.

Why the author? Well Ms. Cornick’s writing is seamless, suspenseful and always well paced. In Mistress by Midnight the author pulls you in immediately. An unexpected homecoming and the hero, Garrick Farne, discovers all sorts of discrepancies and expectations he has to deal with without delay. By his actions and reactions the author introduces us to a strong man who has overcome familial confrontations and been strengthened by them. He’s a man set in his ways, and knows both what he wants from life and what he expects from those around him.

We sound discover he abhors greed and cruelty so often found in the Gentry of Regency times.

Tuck a heroine, Lady Merryn Fenner, underneath his bed, the same bed she’s been sleeping in during his absence. Introduce a scheming vindictive ward of his father’s, Harriet Knight, whose ambition is to become the Duchess of Farne, and you have the intial ingredients for another amazing Cornick story. Add in a dash of factual history, in this case the London Beer Flood of 1814, a resentful bastard of Garrick’s father, stir generously, and the author tantalises her readers taste buds with humour, tragedy, and ultimately a hard won HEA. A winner on all fronts.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dying for a Date by Cindy Sample

Dying for a Date by Cindy Sample
Publisher: L & L Dreamspell
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (271 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

When her dating service turns deadly, Laurel must race to find the killer before she becomes the next victim…

Not sure if she is looking for Mr. Right, or Mr. Every Other Saturday Night, recently divorced Laurel McKay reluctantly joins THE LOVE CLUB, a matchmaking agency advertised as the safe alternative to on-line dating.

After Bachelor one decides he wants her for dessert, Laurel dispatches him with her cell phone. The next day she discovers her drop dead gorgeous date has literally dropped dead. When Bachelor two disappears during dinner, Laurel’s only alibi is a friendly bottle of Dom Perignon. The investigating detective has to decide if the sassy soccer mom is a killer, or the next target.

Her boss at Hangtown Bank threatens to fire her when he learns the latest victim was an important client. Fortunately he needs her expertise to investigate some questionable loans. Laurel and her mother, who insists her daughter is innocent because she is too disorganized to plan a murder, set out to save her reputation, her job, and her life.

What’s a woman going to do when her dates, one a boring octopus and the other an interesting doctor, both end up dead? She'd probably prefer to crawl under a rock, but she’s a mom and moms can’t do that.

I had a fun time with this well written romantic suspense, especially since it wasn’t all about over the top bad guys and macho mega-men doing Martial Arts and knowing super secret handshakes. This book is about a handsome cop doing his job and trying to do it by the book as much as he can. It’s a story about a mother who tries the dating scene and gets more than she bargained for. However, after divorcing an idiot who browbeat her confidence as a woman into the ground, and raising two delightful, smart and cheeky kids, she’s not about to roll over and hide after a well earned panic session. Oh no, the heroine is much more well evolved than that.

Her name is Laurel. She is juggling her family, a job and her well meaning but very proper mother. She has a great best friend who tries to help her and a few other fabulous friends who end up showing how wonderful they are when they stick by her. Ms. Sample has peppered this story with adorable and fascinating secondary characters that help Laurel to shine, grow and get into mischief. Laurel isn’t one to sit on the sidelines and let someone else save her bacon – she’s bound and determined to figure out who’s framing her. Imagine my surprise who it turns out to be and why. I also was intrigued with how the author had Laurel putting the pieces together. Who knew a boring, average and detailed job could be so dangerous? Who knew that almost getting into a tiff at a soccer game could be the turning point in her life for both good and ill?

Ms. Sample has written a book with an intricate plot woven throughout akin to a diabolical maze. Laurel plodded along relentlessly despite so many telling her to back off. She refused to give up and was determined to solve the puzzle and she kept me interested every amazing step of the way.

Detective Hunk a/k/a Detective Hunter was a man I enjoyed reading about. I liked his slow fall into love, his caring for his child and his gradual realization that Laurel is a woman to respect as well as lust after.

Ms. Sample again created a character that I liked, was curious about and could understand the heroine’s attraction to him. I got a kick out of the fact that Laurel was able to find out some information that the hero never would have thought to get or pursue but ended up being very pertinent. I also got the giggles on how he reacted. Oftentimes I got the impression he wanted to hug her and throttle her all at the same time. The emotional connection between them is tangible.

This is a romantic suspense so the stakes are high. I never could figure out who the bad guy was until the author wanted me to. I, as well as the police, were led on a merry chase with clues and revelations mounting until it got to the big climax. Here too were amazing reveals about Laurel’s mom and her own father. It was at times simultaneously harrowing, exciting, tender and uplifting. There is so much going on in the book that time literally flew by as I turned the pages. The pace remained brisk, the plot tight and the descriptions well written.

Dying for a Date is a book that should appeal to all romantic suspense readers because it is lively, entertaining, a true who-done-it combined with a romance that will warm the heart and sheets. I’m thrilled that I got to read this book and I intend to look for other stories written by Ms. Sample. She knows how to weave a story that satisfies and excites.

The Jingle Bell Jinx : A Holiday Novel Byte by Linda Palmer

The Jingle Bell Jinx : A Holiday Novel Byte by Linda V. Palmer
Publisher: Uncial Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Heat Level: Sweet
Length: Short Story (21 pgs)
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Orchid

~Arms full of packages, feet hurting, car gone. What next?~

When nineteen-year-old Raquel McKnight's car is stolen from the mall parking deck on Christmas Eve, she is sure that her family's jingle bell jinx has struck again. And then she runs into her eighth-grade beau Gabriel McKnight. Although his kisses say he never got over her, she can't help but wonder if he's somehow part of the jinx. Has the holiday hex finally come to an end? Or will she add a broken heart to a long list of Christmas calamity?

Raquel wants to know why Christmas always goes wrong for her?

Last year she lost the iPod given to her for Christmas. This year she’s stuck in a mall in Texas on Christmas Eve. Not the best place to be when your family is expecting you home. The festive season looks bleak. Her car’s been stolen and she has no way to get home. Then a silver lining appears on the horizon - or to be more precise arrives in the car park elevator.

Raquel and Gabe dated some years before, but their fathers got posted to different places and they lost touch. Now he’s turned up just at the right time. He and his father help to Raquel sort out her problem then Gabe takes her to his family home. Raquel wonders whether Gabe still has feelings for her. She’s not sure what she feels for him.

Raquel is self sufficient. She’s broken away from her father calling the shots and refused to allow him to coerce her with money. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him dearly, but like a lot of daughters she feels going to college is an ideal time to leave the nest. Gabe is more grown up than the last time she saw him, but still the kind thoughtful person she knew. His family tease him about his time with Raquel.

For me this story gave one possible future to what happens when a teenage romance fails but you meet again several years later?

The two main characters are in college so not quite adult, but definitely more mature than the last time they met. Christmas adds a sprinkle of miracle dust to the situation and then it’s up to the them to decide how they want to go forward from here.

This short story was very well written. I could see the poor young lady standing alone in the parking lot late on Christmas Eve. She wonders what to do next and feels wary when a young man exits the elevator. The scene seamlessly slid into my mind without a lot of description spoiling the vision. Both main characters were well portrayed and a pleasure to read about. I liked The Jingle Bell Jinx. The story grabbed my imagination and held on to it. The festive season also came across well with family values and longing to be with friends and family. Well worth a read.

The Anonymous Bride by Vickie McDonough

The Anonymous Bride by Vickie McDonough
Texas Boardinghouse Brides, Book 1
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc
Genre: Historical, Inspirational
Length: Full Length (352 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Rosemary

Check yourself into the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series by Vickie McDonough, where you’ll meet Luke Davis, marshal of Lookout, Texas, who flippantly tells his cousin he’d get married if the right woman ever came along. When three mail-order brides are delivered to Luke a month later, he’s in an uncomfortable predicament. How will he ever choose his mate? Rachel Hamilton’s long-time love for Luke is reignited with his return to town. So when three mail-order brides appear, she panics. Will she find the courage to tell Luke that she loves him? Or take an anonymous part in the contest for his hand?

Three mail order brides and his childhood sweetheart compete for Luke’s affection in this often comical yet deeply moving faith based novel by Vickie McDonough. Luke Davis’s eleven year absence from Lookout, TX ends when he accepts the position of town marshal. His feelings for his childhood sweetheart Rachel Hamilton are complicated by his inability to forgive her for unexpectedly and abruptly marrying his friend, James. The arrival of the three mail order brides his cousins Garrett and Mark sent for on his behalf forces Luke to fully put his newfound faith in God as he struggles to give Rachel the forgiveness they both so desperately need.

The Anonymous Bride has no shortage of well-developed, charming characters. Rachel Hamilton runs a boardinghouse to support herself and her high spirited, tomboy daughter, Jacqueline, who prefers the more masculine name Jack. Rachel’s deep and abiding faith shines through in her everyday actions as she sets aside her feelings for Luke and invites the mail order brides into her boardinghouse.

Jack’s rambunctious and humorous antics coupled with her heartwarming relationship with Luke keep The Anonymous Bride moving at an even pace as Ms. McDonough introduces each of the brides who answer the mail order bride advertisement. All of the ladies have compelling reasons for moving out West and facing an uncertain future with a man they have never met. The strength of Rachel’s character is apparent in her selfless interactions with each of the women as she unfailingly helps them in their quest to win Luke’s affection.

Faith and forgiveness lie at the heart of The Anonymous Bride as both Rachel and Luke demonstrate their belief in the power of prayer. Their unwavering trust and faith in God is absolute as they unhesitatingly put their fate in His hands. Fans of historical romance do not want to miss this delightful romance that resonates with vibrant characters and a compelling story line.

In the Dark of Dreams by Marjorie M. Liu

In the Dark of Dreams by Marjorie M. Liu
A Dirk & Steele Novel
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (384 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Mistletoe

She could never forget the boy with the ice blue eyes . . .

She was only twelve when she saw the silver boy on the beach, but Jenny has never stopped dreaming about him. Now she is grown, a marine biologist charting her own course in the family business—a corporation that covertly crosses the boundaries of science into realms of the unknown . . . and the incredible.

And now he has found her again, her boy grown into a man: Perrin, powerful and masculine, and so much more than human, leaving Jenny weak with desire and aching for his touch.

But with their reunion comes danger. For Perrin and Jenny—and all living creatures—their only hope for preventing the unthinkable lies in a mysterious empire far beneath the sea . . . and in the power of their dreams.

Once again Marjorie M. Liu gives the reader a wonderful tale brimming over with love and magic. Her characters are always full of depth and the stories take you far away into a magical world full of mystical beings that we believe only exist in our imagination.

The latest book In the Dark of Dreams is no exception. The main characters are wonderful. Jenny is a smart and independent woman and Perrin has lived a hard life and become even stronger living for the woman in his dreams.

When Jenny and Perrin finally meet there is no denying the sparks that are there. The two must find a way to save not only themselves but also the world. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom as both Jenny and Perrin begin to open up to each other. While both have feelings for each other each is afraid to show them but the bond begins to form anyways as they are only fighting the inevitable. The love that they have is strong and both rely on it strongly during their trials showing us that such a love is worth fighting for.

Fans of this series will not be disappointed. This is a well-written and fast paced book that takes the reader on a magical ride that continues even after you have finished the book. Filled with action and romance, this is a book that should not be missed. I know I am already eagerly awaiting the next installment in this wonderful series.

The Outlaw’s Daughter by Sandi Hampton

The Outlaw’s Daughter by Sandi Hampton
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (79 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

She was one step away from a hanging, not because of anything she'd done, but because of who she was.

He was one step closer to capturing the most notorious outlaw in Texas.

When U.S. Marshal Trey Thornton saves Charlotte "Charlie" Daughtry from a lynch mob, he plans to use her as bait to capture her father and brothers. One thing stood in his way, he fell in love with the outlaw's daughter.

Charlie felt stirrings deep in her heart for the handsome lawman. She wished he could look beyond the Daughtry name and see her for who she truly was - someone who desperately yearned to be loved by him. But could she love a man who wanted to send her father and brothers to the gallows?

What happens when a U.S. Marshal falls in love with an outlaw’s daughter?

Charlie Daughtery was literally about to hang for no other reason than she was the daughter of the notorious outlaw, Bill Daughtery. At the last moment, she is rescued by U.S. Marshal, Trey Thornton. Trey had expected to find the mob lynching one of Bill Daughtery’s sons. He never expected to stumble upon a beautiful woman like Charlie. Even though he finds himself powerfully drawn to Charlie, Trey still plans to use Charlie to bring in Bill Daughtery and his sons. Charlie is grateful for Trey’s assistance, but she plans to escape from his “protective custody” as soon as possible. Even though her father and brothers are outlaws, she still cares about them and doesn’t want to see them captured.

As Trey and Charlie make their way to toward the trap laid for her family, they find themselves unable to resist their growing attraction, and the passion between them ignites. However, Trey still has a job to do, and Charlie is worried that he’ll never truly see beyond her last name. Will they find some common ground or will their differences tear them apart?

Charlie is a likable heroine. She is strong and more than a little stubborn. She’s never been able to depend on anyone but herself because once anyone learns her last name, they instantly hate her. Consequently, she is independent and has a strong sense of who she is, which are very admirable traits. As much as I liked Charlie’s strong side, I also loved that she had a softer more vulnerable side. Charlie is afraid to trust others, but she faces her fear and gives her heart to Trey. I enjoyed watching her open up.

Trey is the classic western lawman. He has all the makings of a great hero, rugged good looks and a strong sense of right and wrong. That alone would make Trey a good character. However, I was pleased to learn that Trey was deeper than that. Almost immediately, Trey begins to have feelings for Charlie, but he still has a sworn duty to bring her father to justice. Trey’s conflict between his love for Charlie and his job adds just the right about of suspense to keep the story interesting. I read the story in one sitting because I had to know how Trey would solve his dilemma.

I did have one issue with the story. The first time that Charlie and Trey make love, it seemed a bit rushed. They had just escaped a precarious situation and suddenly Charlie is begging Trey to “take me now.” The whole situation just felt a little forced. However, I will say that the next time Charlie and Trey come together was more natural.

Despite that small issue, I enjoyed reading The Outlaw’s Daughter. It is a good story filled with likable characters and a satisfying ending. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and entertaining read.