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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shane’s Hideaway by Sheridon Smythe

Shane’s Hideaway by Sheridon Smythe
Publisher: Audio Lark Audio Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Audio
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Fennel

An unexpected blizzard, an accident that leads to amnesia, and a baby she doesn’t recognize; could the situation get any more complicated? Leanndra DeHart discovers it can when she finds herself in a secluded cabin with a hot cop who invented the word brooding. As she struggles to regain her memory, Leanndra can’t ignore the ring on her finger any more than her growing attraction to Shane Knox, the cop with a secret past of his own.

The longer Leendra takes refuge in his cabin, the more questions pile up and the more Shane’s cop radar tells him something is very wrong. Is she married? Is she the mother of baby Molly? And what was she doing out in a blizzard with no ID?

Shane knows he must find out what – or who – Leanndra is running from, before their attraction takes them past the point of no return.

When a blizzard strands one woman with amnesia, one cop who just wants some peace and one tiny baby things get a little bit complicated.

Lea, the heroine blossoms from distraught to feisty as she deals with the blank canvas her mind has become. Although there are secondary characters in the story and they play their part, they come across as almost incidental. Where the author excels is her scene setting. I felt the warmth of the fire in that log cabin, and could ‘hear’ the blizzard howling outside.

Local cop, Shane, is none too pleased when he comes across the heroine and child in a wrecked car during a snow storm. Too far from town and cut-off from outside help, he takes her and the child back to his cabin. As if he didn’t have enough problems on his plate without adding two more to it.

The author’s portrayal of their blossoming relationship failed to pull me fully into the story but did not detract sufficiently to spoil the listening experience.  Additionally, this audio book, like others I’ve listened to over the months, has transitional glitches between chapters. Sometimes the beginning is repeated, in others lines are left out completely. That said the author gives us an unidentifiable heroine suffering from amnesia. Add a toddler to the mix and a hero with enough problems to fill his remote hideaway log cabin and you have a steadily progressive contemporary romance.

This is a gently paced romance with a smidgeon of suspense that offers no real surprises. However, it is a lovely story to listen to when you are in need of a dose of ‘feel-good-factor’.