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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Under a Canyon Moon by Tracy Burns

Under a Canyon Moon by Tracy Burns
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (196 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

After a disastrous romance and the loss of her job, Jenny Ortiz expects to find a renewed sense of self in Serenity, Utah. What she does not expect to find is John Macklin (Mack), still in Serenity guiding white water rafting trips, and still as much bad news as ever. Can she salvage her uncle’s rafting business without losing her heart—once again—to Mack?

The last person Mack expects to see in Serenity is Jenny Ortiz. When she fled nine years ago, without a word, he was determined to forget about her. Now, he remembers just how sexy—and unattainable—she is. And he’s determined to take over her business and send her back to Seattle, before she takes over his heart.

Will Jenny and Mack let their unfortunate history ruin the chance for a future filled with love?

Jenny thought that moving to Serenity and taking over her uncle’s rafting business would be the perfect way to move on with her life. Instead she finds herself facing a man from her past, Mack. Jenny and Mack had a brief but memorable romance, a romance that left them both with broken hearts. Since then, Jenny’s luck with love hasn’t been much better. However, Jenny isn’t the sort of woman who lives in the past. She’s the type of heroine who has a strong sense of who she is and what she wants out of life. She puts her heart and soul into forgetting about Mack and trying to save her rafting business, but she might be fighting a losing battle. Will she lose her rafting business and her heart to Mack?

Mack is content with his life in Serenity, or so he thought. The moment Jenny returns, Mack realizes that with all the women he’s ever met, Jenny is the one who got under his skin. He knows it would be in his best interest to steer clear of her and let her business fail, but Mack can’t bring himself to stay away. Mack is the sort of hero who comes to the aid of those in need, even if it means suffering a loss himself. As Mack spends more time with Jenny, he soon discovers he’d do anything for her, if it meant that she would stay in Serenity with him. Will Mack be able to convince Jenny that she belongs with him, or will he lose her a second time?

As the heroine and hero of the story, Jenny and Mack make a great team. They both care for those around them whether that means volunteering to baby sit for a fellow employee or taking in a stray dog. They both have a great sense of self and a strong will to succeed in life. All of these characteristics make them admirable characters.

However Jenny and Mack are not without their flaws. In fact, there is no villain in this story. The only obstacle to Jenny and Mack’s “happily ever after” is Jenny and Mack. Jenny refuses to acknowledge her attraction to Mack and misinterprets his actions and intentions. She also refuses to talk about why she left town nine years ago. Once Mack finally realizes that he cares for Jenny, he pursues her with single minded determination. However, Mack still refuses to see the part he might have played in Jenny’s disappearance. Instead he believes she “sold out” for a bigger city and income. Both Jenny and Mack need to learn to be honest with each other if they are going to have a chance at a real relationship.

I did have one minor issue with the story. I thought that the love scene between Jenny and Mack was a bit anticlimactic. Ms. Burns did an excellent job at building the sexual tension between Jenny and Mack. However, once they finally acted on their feelings for each other, it seemed like it was over before it really got started. Almost immediately they were arguing again. What could have been a wonderful moment between two great characters ended up being a repetition of their bitter past.

Despite this issue, I enjoyed reading Under a Canyon Moon. Jenny and Mack eventually get their “happily ever after” in a way that makes the ending of the story very satisfying. I recommend it to any fan of contemporary romance.