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Friday, September 24, 2010

Stand-In Bride’s Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay

Stand-In Bride’s Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay
Publisher: Silhouette (Harlequin)
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 books
Review by: Xeranthemum

His family's "curse" had businessman Reynard del Castillo engaged to a woman he'd never really marry. Flighty Sara Woodville was beautiful, but there was no attraction between them at all. Until the day he kissed her, felt passion ignite—and knew the woman in his arms was not Sara.

Rina agreed to pose as her twin temporarily, never expecting to fall for her devilishly handsome "fiancé." Now she's lost her heart…and could lose Reynard if—when—he discovers her deception.

The love of her sister and twin leads a woman to do the unthinkable and she ends up loving the impossible.

Rina is a woman on the rebound and is ready for a break. Her sister slips her a fast one and the next thing she knows, she’s over her head doing the very thing that’s an anathema to her. Her love for her sister is stronger however and that’s the only reason she’s holding on by her teeth. Rina has a good head on her shoulders and her fortitude and steadfastness is tested by the very presence of Rey, her sister’s fiancé. Poor Rina is wallowing in a world of guilt. Unbeknownst to her but known to the reader are a few details that could have smoothed things over in quick fashion. But with all ditzy sisters, they don’t focus on what is important to others, only on what is important to their own situation and that is why this story technique worked. I got the feeling that Sara was mired in her own panic and was extremely flustered so she didn’t think things out too far ahead. I thought it was admirable that Rina did what she could, yet for the most part remained true to herself for most of the book. All the good qualities that make for a well rounded character are embodied in Rina.

Reynard, or Rey as he’s referred to, is a man who just squeaked by an attempt by someone who wanted to do some damage to his family’s business and reputation. That experience colored his perception and made it easy for him to jump to conclusions. He’s not stupid and he’s not above saying when he’s wrong but he’s a man who is rarely wrong. He’s also a man who loves deeply and that is showcased in loving and eloquent detail with the interactions between his brothers and his grandfather. There is a wonderful sense of family and it’s a great character trait in Reynard. His justification is a bit self-centered and skewed at one point but that’s only because I think he was fighting the inevitable. I find it funny when a man is brought low by his own sense of justice and it bites him in the rear because he has deluded himself into believing he’s right, when he’s oh, so very wrong. The tougher they are, the harder they fall.

Secondary characters are his family and Rina’s sister as well as a specter from the past. All play roles in promoting drama in the story or having an impact on the hero and heroine to help flesh out the story. I thought Rina’s sister came across as a bit one-dimensional but that was alright because this wasn’t her story anyway. I’m more interested in Benedict, Rey’s brother. He has an emotional hook just waiting to snag an interested reader and I have to say, I’m interested. The romance between Rina and Rey is a dance of seduction and when they finally can’t resist each other, the pages are nice and steamy. It was well worth the wait.

Stand-In Bride’s Seduction is a nice romance with just the right touch of dramatic spice of a personal nature to tease the senses. It keeps a reader committed to finding out how their happiness will finally come about and I am glad I read it. The book made for a perfect read for those days a reader just wants to kick back and enjoy a romance story that is pure entertainment.