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Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Night … Nine-Month Scandal by Sarah Morgan

One Night … Nine-Month Scandal by Sarah Morgan
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

A sleek Ferrari in the sleepy English village of Little Molting was always going to create a stir—but for schoolteacher Kelly it only means one thing. Her ex, Alekos Zagorakis, has stormed back into her life the way he left it: completely on his own terms.
Four years ago Kelly stood, bridal bouquet in hand, realizing that her gorgeous groom wasn't walking down the aisle to meet her. Now he's come back to claim what's rightfully his—and that includes one night with Kelly….

But it's a night that has lasting consequences!

Mix together a third grade teacher and a shipping tycoon who has no experience with kids and you find a story filled with emotional mayhem, chaos and quite a bit of humor.

I had so much fun reading this story mostly because Kelly is such a funny person. She’s got these habits that would drive some people nuts but she’s such an endearing personality that you can’t help but think she wouldn’t be the same without them. She’s just being herself. Her comeback quips to Alekos were sometimes so off the wall that they left me chuckling. And he was left bemused and perplexed and a bit bowled over because Kelly is so different from anyone else he’d ever met. In fact, the opening chapter is what sold me on this story in the first place. The interaction between Kelly and her best friend, Vivien, showed two characters that really were great buddies and had a fun George and Gracie type dialogue that flowed back and forth between them. It provided a warmth and sincerity to the tale. The author never let me down; that quirk in Kelly’s persona shined throughout the book. She’s not all sunshine however, she’s got one heck of a temper but even then, she bleeps. It’s one of the best scenes and elements in the story and remembering it puts a grin on my face every time. Thing is, can such a sunny disposition even have a dark side? Only a reader will know.

Alekos is a complicated man. Self made, he has a take no prisoners attitude for business and he applies that to all elements of his life. His first big scene in Kelly’s classroom had me giggling. I knew right away that here was a man that needed balance and a healthy dose of feminine chaos to spice up his life and Kelly fits the bill marvelously. He is so self controlled that I also knew that he was hiding something. Sure enough, Kelly and I find out that inside this handsome and compelling man is a depth of feeling trapped inside with no way out. As a reader of romance books, I knew a catharsis was going to hit the fan eventually and I enjoyed how Ms. Morgan handled it. The scene with the gifts was tender and actually highly emotional. I do believe I sniffled at that part. Alekos is a wonderful tortured hero who needs saving.

As for secondary characters, Vivian is the most important and relevant in the whole story. Kelly and Alekos are so interesting, they pretty much carry the book by themselves.

When the hero and heroine come together in the physical way it’s very romantic, passionate and steamy. There are moments of heated sensual buildup and explosive culmination sure to please the palate of romance readers especially those who thrill to those alpha Greek men. Ms. Morgan didn’t disappoint there either.

One Night …Nine-Month Scandal was an absolute joy and pleasure to read with characters I delighted in reading about with depths that made me care about their happiness and well-being. I thought the ending was perfect and in Kelly’s words, made me feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to romance readers who like laughter and sighs mixed in with their oooh’s and aaah’s as they read a good book because Ms. Morgan delivers on every count.