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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fugitive Countess by Anne Herries

Fugitive Countess by Anne Herries
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (280 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Cholla

Young widow Marietta de Montcrief is fleeing for her life, with the accusation of murder and witchcraft hanging over her head. Innocent of any crime, she must protect the birthright of her infant son.

It's not the first time dashing knight Anton of Gifford has rescued Marietta. But gone is the carefree youth who first stirred her senses.... With their enemies closing in, Anton will save Marietta--only this time he won't lose his head, or his heart, over the fugitive countess....

From Countess to fugitive in a matter of hours… how would a gentle lady manage to survive? By fleeing for her life, naturally. And the widow Marietta de Montcrief shows just what she’s made of from the moment she leaves the supposed shelter of her home and runs into the forest. Gathering every last ounce of strength and determination she sets out to clear her name.

Marietta de Montcrief has the bad luck to keep finding herself in need of saving. Twice before, Anton of Gifford has heroically come to her rescue. And now, while she’s fleeing for her life, will he find her and save her once again? Marietta is such an exciting character. Strong, confident, and a little willful, she is not the kind of woman you expect to find during the Tudor era. However, she still has her moments of doubt and insecurity, making her a very believable – and enjoyable – character.

Anton of Gifford has been a tad lost since the death of his wife. He’s not sure who he is or what he’s supposed to do, until he meets Marietta once again. Then, his mission is clear. I found Anton to be quite a complex character – there is so much about him that you expect from a man of his time, and then, there is much that is a surprise. Strong, disciplined, and reliable, he’s the standard son of a nobleman. But as you get to know him better, you find him to be considerate, caring, and industrious, all things that were optional for men of that time period. He’s been one of my favorite characters so far this year, I’d love to see a sequel with these two.

Although this wasn’t set during my usual, preferred time period, I am a true lover of history, so I was game enough to give it a try, figuring I could learn about the time period as I read. And I was glad I went for it! Stuffed full of murder, intrigue, political maneuverings and a grand old-fashioned love story, Fugitive Countess is a winner on all levels. You’re sure to love the characters from the get-go and be pulled deep into their story as it unfolds before you. A must-read that you’ll certainly not regret!