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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doorway to His Heart by Jo Barrett

Doorway to His Heart by Jo Barrett
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (168 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Book Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

The world rarely grants anyone a second chance, but that is what Emily Mayfield receives when she walks through a mysterious door at the end of one life, over far too soon, to be cast into a new one. Only problem is, the woman staring back at her from the mirror is not Emily Mayfield.

Viscount Westmore knows his wife to be a conniving witch who lives to humiliate him, but from the moment she awakes from her illness, her actions has him doubting everything, even his own heart.

Life is precious. Cancer victim Emily Mayfield, knowing she has precious little of it left, visits her much-loved England to do her last concert then visits old estates. She collapses while touring the estate once owned by Viscount Westmore. She wakes up in a different body, in a different time, and with a husband and daughter.

Doorway to His Heart, a story of reincarnation with a twist, becomes a “second-chance” story of two troubled individuals that approach each other with extreme caution.

Emily, now in the body of the cruel, unfaithful Millicent that had flaunted her affairs and kinky sex life to humiliate her husband, is frantic until Michelle, the six-year-old daughter whom Millicent disliked appears. This delightful child becomes Emily’s confidant and champion.

Emily decides to embrace the life she’s given--a life that is cancer free. However, overcoming Millicent’s past is a challenge. Emily is afraid if she tells anyone what happened to her she will be put in Bedlam, so she tells Michelle she cannot remember things that happened before her sickness. Michelle, thrilled to have her mother’s attention, supplies information. Emily also finds Millicent’s journal that helps her understand the dynamics in the household and the viscount’s attitude.

Barnaby, the Viscount Westmore, avoids his wife having learned the hard way that she loves to humiliate him in front of her friends and in public. He is a gorgeous man that women are attracted to but he refuses to be unfaithful to his depraved wife who is openly unfaithful to him.

Barnaby is suspicious of the changes in his wife when she comes out of a coma—she’s nice. He is sure she is setting him up for a bad experience. He watches for the old Millicent’s personality to re-emerge. In spite of himself, he is drawn to his beautiful wife that is a joy to be with. Her intelligence, humor, common sense, and concern for others amazes him. Love wiggles its way in and settles down to stay.

Jo Barrett writes with a delightful, subtle humor. She lures that reader into a web of uncertainty, confusion, and a love that seems pre-ordained.

Doorway to His Heart kept me wide-awake until late — just had to finish to see how a twenty-first century single, career woman copes with life in a distant past where she has a husband, daughter, and a disgusting past. And, oh, yes, I loved the love scenes.  A good book I thorougly enjoyed.