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Monday, September 6, 2010

Chances Are by LaVerne Thompson

Chances Are by LaVerne Thompson
Publisher: Red RosePublishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (259 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

If we work together can we still sleep together?

Kayla's world is turned upside down: first she's fired from the bank she's worked at for fifteen years. Then on the same day rehired by the new bank president, a man she's got the hots for, but he's her boss and he's got the hots for her too. Until he finds out his bank’s been robbed and Kayla's somehow involved.

Talbert Reynolds, III isn't at the top of the financial world because he shied away from risks, and pursuing Kayla could be one of the biggest risks of his life. But she’s worth it.

Or is she?

Laverne Thompson's suspenseful new romance sends us on a chase from Washington DC to the tropics. We meet main character Kayla at a moment when everything starts to go off-kilter; she loses her job...and her plight (and her anger) is so totally believable. Immediately, Kayla comes across as a competent business woman with a good reason to be mad. Yet, there she is, hauling fifteen year's worth of office in a box when she bumbles into a stunning 6-foot-3 man in a leather jacket. In the resulting confusion she fails to get his name or any information about him.

Talbert (Tal) is a little more attentive to her, however. Fate in the shape of a butterfly gold earring will help him out. The start is really pleasing - we enjoy a gamut of emotions and identify so easily with the main characters. The not unexpected but still mostly unpredictable events that follow largely reflect outside forces happening to them - rather than things they set in motion themselves. Behind the scenes action that the reader is aware of but Kayla and Tal are not, only increasing our feeling of impending danger.

Ms. Thomas does an excellent job building and maintaining suspense throughout. Kayla and Tal's relationship starts off on almost a humorous note. Their attraction is well-established but the relationship seems to occur out of nothing. It would have been nice to get a a better sense of that building.

No complaints about the quality of the action in Chances Are, though. It's very readable and unpredictable. Well worth the read and the four books.