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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two in the Lion’s Den by Anastasia Maltezos

Two in the Lion’s Den by Anastasia Maltezos
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (121 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Xeranthemum

She's been called a witch. She's been called a fraud. Now she's calling on love.

Fiery redhead Sam grew up shunned and teased for her psychic abilities. Now, those powers are making her a success in her very own shop, where she does Tarot readings. But the cards never warned her about Leonidis Stefanos. He thinks she's a fraud and an opportunist, bent on squandering her best friend Antonia's inheritance.

Thrown together at a Greek villa Sam and Leonidis thought would be empty, they can't deny the sparks of passion flying between them. But while Leonidis discovers she isn't the conniver he thought she was, Sam is busy telling herself not to succumb to this formidable, sexy and passionate man.

With a shadowy enemy undermining Sam's reputation, and Leonidis' interest in her threatening the protective shield she's built up around her heart, Sam's life is getting complicated with a capital C!

Get ready to enjoy a classic style romance with a rich Greek tycoon and a sassy tarot reading lady who’s about to turn his world upside down.

This book was so well written and didn’t miss an emotional trick that it guaranteed me having a hard time putting it down. Indeed, I didn’t stop until I read the very sweet epilogue.

Sam is a very giving and loving person. She has so much love to give and to share but her lot in life has ensured that she’ll never marry. At least that is what she’s convinced of. She provides a reader with a reasonable and acceptable reason for it but as we all know, the future and fate are never a done deal no matter what is in the cards. I liked Sam’s confidence, her spunk and her dedication to family ideals. I like her talents and her willingness to forgive and go beyond simple human frailties. She has a sturdy inner core that doesn’t allow her to put her head in the sand but faces things head on no matter how much it may hurt. She’s a special kind of character.

Leo is the typical rich Greek tycoon with a suspicious and arrogant demeanor. His personality reminded me of other series books back in the day which featured powerful influential foreign men. The point in Leo’s favor is he’s a man of our times. He has the benefit of a brain that actually works with his mouth and he has discussions and asks questions and doesn’t jump to conclusions without solid facts to back up his beliefs. Leo is a breath of fresh air. He’s everything I loved about those Greek guys; romantic, confident, sensual, passionate, and strong with that flair for arrogance that makes a woman feel all girly and feminine, and commanding. The author did an exceptional job of showing the progression from obnoxious disdain to growing realization that his beliefs were based on mistruths and onto amazement and eventual setting a course for a sentimental and romantic campaign to win Sam’s heart.

Of course, the path of true love is never simple. Not only do the hero and heroine have to deal with their internal demons, there’s an external influence that neither knew about but nonetheless was effective in creating a conflict that could have destroyed any fledging trust gained. Good thing both Sam and Leo have intelligent intuition and aren’t afraid to explore it.

There is also a very adorable thread woven through this tale: the love of and for lost children - those that fall through the cracks in the social system. It brings specialness to this story, as well as hope and optimism and it’s heartwarming. I dare anyone to resist liking Sam’s character. The author certainly knows her way around the kinds of emotions that matter to make a relationship work and for a romance to resonate with a reader. This book had dialogue that gave life to the characters, a support cast that showed the best and the worst of the people in it and a happily ever after that is as perfect as a reader could wish.

Two in the Lion’s Den is a complete and satisfying romance showcasing grand settings, honest emotions, and a hero and heroine I could respect. I adored the gradual sensual buildup which ultimately led to a very hot and passionate physical expression of their love. It was yummy. In fact, I completely enjoyed the descriptions of Leo’s eyes and how Sam interpreted his demeanor. I can’t even find the words to adequately express how much I really and truly enjoyed this book. It was beautiful and it set my romantic heart aflutter. This book get’s a high recommendation from me because it was a well told story that hit all my happy buttons. If this is a sample of the quality of writing Ms. Maltezos produces, then I can’t wait to read more by this author.