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Friday, August 13, 2010

Powered Up by Viola Grace

Powered Up by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (82 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Ilsa Kimoni has spent the last three years saving her own people in privacy, locked away in the seizure centre on Pahnnan. When a member of the Sector Guard request and demands her skills, she has no choice but to say yes. Controlling technology is her talent, but she will need skill and patience to deal with her new partner, Razer.
Born of the warlike mercenary race, Kozue, he is appalled at her lack of physical skills but captivated by her deep brown eyes. What could Commander have been thinking to pair him with such a soft, golden, sexy female? She would be more distraction than assistance.

When she powers up, she proves her worth, and still distracts the hell out of him.

Viola Grace continues her Sector Guard series in great style.

For three years, Ilsa Kimoni has worked behind the scenes to protect her people while locked away, put there in the mistaken belief that she is too fragile and ill to be on her own. When the Sector Guard learns of her unique powers, she is recruited to be the newest member of the Guard.

Her partner, Razer is able to use his power to destroy barriers, but he doesn’t understand his pairing with this fragile female. But Razer is determined to follow orders, so Ilsa’s strength training begins.

The earlier books dealt with the first base, Morganti, the investigative base of Teklan, and Balen, the newly awakening base. For the first time, we visit Udell, the battle base, and a team of highly trained Guardsmen (and women) trained for more than diplomacy. I love this series, and Ms Grace has many more Sector Guard adventures planned, for which I am grateful. I love the characters Ms. Grace creates, and her sense of fun, mixed with romance and adventure.

I love the sassy attitude Ilsa has toward Razer. Her talent is to control any type of technology, and she constantly surprises him. She may be physically weak from three years of forced inactivity, but she compensates with mind power. She is determined to learn how to control her power without draining her energy levels. And also regain her physical strength as well.

Razer is the strong and powerful warrior, but unlike most of his race, he and his twin have psi-talents. It was because of these talents that Razer was exiled from his home world, but it has not embittered him. He uses his talent for the good of those in need, and is good at it. I loved the attraction that developed between Ilsa and Razer, and I enjoyed the lighthearted banter between them. It is this banter that shows a softer side to Razer, one that few get to see.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Viola Grace without a steamy bit of romance, and it is definitely here. I love the Sector guard for the fun, the adventure and most of all for the quirky sense of the absurd that Ms. Grace adds to each of these stories. I recommend all of them to anyone who wants more fun in their romances.