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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kismet's Revenge by Katherine Brandon

Kismet's Revenge by Katherine Brandon
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (344 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

The Kismets Series

Marisa Alvarez looks forward to a day she'll remember the rest of her life. Instead of the marriage proposal and happily ever after she expects, however, she becomes one of only a handful of survivors of one of the bloodiest Indian uprisings in American history, the attack on Fort Mims.

Lucien St. Clair has been sent to Pensacola to learn the identity of a clever saboteur who calls himself "La Venganza." As he pursues the enigmatic figure, he is inexplicably drawn to Marisa, a treacherous woman whose beautiful face may hide deadly secrets.

But when acts of revenge escalate to kidnapping, Lucien will have to find a way to gain Marisa's trust, not only to save her life, but to win her heart!

Remember, things are not always as they seem. The mysteries that grow out of a horrific massacre of innocent people are spellbinding.

Marisa enchants the customers in El Castello de Plata inn. She sparkles like a diamond, has a voice as clear as a mountain stream, and looks like a gilt-haired goddess. She is like a delicate fairy with an ethereal quality it seems, but inside her lies the undimmed memories of her family and her fiancĂ© being brutally murdered and her steely determination to get revenge. She champions the defenseless and has long since resigned herself to the fact that she will someday die for what she does. She does not fear death for then she can be with her loved ones in heaven. Each day she visits the graves of her Tia Rosa and Tio Miguel that took her in after the tragedy. It gives her comfort since she was not able to bury her loved ones killed in the massacre. She puts roses on Tia Rosa’s grave every day as she talks to her and gives her messages for the rest of the family in heaven.

Lucien, a lieutenant with Jackson’s Tennessee Volunteers, and his partner are left in Pensacola, Florida after the rest of their group leaves. They are to find and capture La Venganza. He's struck again and has been a thorn in Jackson’s flesh for years. Seeking information, they go to the tavern in El Castillo de Plata where soldiers and locals gather. When Lucien learns of Marisa, he decides she has the face of an angel but has the morals of a viper. He sets in to make her life miserable since he is sure she is in some way associated with La Venganza. He has a long journey to make before he becomes a likeable hero--at least for me.

The secondary characters in Kismet's Revenge play vital roles in the unfolding of the mystery and the righting of many wrongs along the way. Santos, ever loyal and always watching over Marisa, keeps order in El Castillo de Plata. Ramon, the ragged old man Marisa feeds when he comes to town, sings her praises and often adds humor to the goings-on at the inn. Then there is the delightful little boy Lyncoya with his indomitable spirit that wiggles his way right into one’s heart. All of the many characters in Kismet's Revenge help make it an intriguing tale as they weave in and out of life-changing events. La Venganza continues to strike out against those who misuse their power to mistreat those who cannot defend themselves against evildoing. It is surprising to finally learn just how La Venganza operates and who really is involved.

The complex characters and mesmerizing plot make Kismet's Revenge compelling. An extra—the quotes at the beginning of each chapter—is like a visit with old friends. Moreover, they are relevant to the upcoming events in the chapter.

Katherine Brandon is a writer to remember. She writes GOOD reading!