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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City

Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City by Holly Denham
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (535 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Cholla

Dear Holly, isn’t it shocking…?

Things are finally going Holly Denham’s way: she’s in love, she’s getting the recognition she deserves at work, and her friends and family have graciously opted to avoid disaster for the moment.

Just when Holly is starting to settle into her new life, scandal erupts and Holly finds herself—and her in box—at the center of a gossip whirlwind that threatens everything she’s worked so hard for.

Written entirely in emails, this follow-up to the UK smash hit Holly’s Inbox will keep you glued to its pages as the scandal running rampant in the city threatens to ruin Holly’s hard-earned and long-awaited happiness.

Go ahead, look. You know you want to. I mean, who among us hasn’t at one time wanted to sneak a peek into someone else’s inbox. I know I have. And at last, you get that opportunity to grab that glimpse and not get caught. So go on, indulge in the crazy life of Holly Denham… I promise, you won’t be sorry.

Holly Denham has finally got it all figured out, or so she thinks. She’s managed to find a good job, a good man and a good group of friends. Even her parents have eased up a bit. And then it all goes to heck and fast. Holly is hysterically funny, even when she’s falling to pieces. She embraces her quirky, silly sense of humor and uses it as a shield when things get tough and as a happy blanket when things are going well. Despite the fact that she doesn’t always show the best judgment or decision-making skills, she’s still a joy to observe. Her determination to make things right is what pushes her onward, against all odds. I like her a lot, possibly because of all her faults, and I think that you will too. Deep down, she’s a woman with a lot of issues, but a big heart and a lot of humor.

In addition to Holly, we meet Toby, her live-in boyfriend, who is an executive in the same bank she’s a receptionist for. He’s not as keen on Holly’s silliness as I seem to be, but he does well to hide it for the most part. As far as Holly’s concerned, he’s the perfect man for her – handsome, successful, caring – but he’s also hiding something from her that could make or break their relationship. However, he’s a good man, with more patience than any man I’ve ever known and a real love for his crazy receptionist girlfriend.

I am completely amazed at how the author was able to completely develop both the characters and the situations while communicating the story to us entirely through a series of e-mails. I found it to be a unique and entertaining way to tell an equally entertaining story. You’ll run the gamut of emotions – excitement, giddiness, horror over how she’s treated, sadness, anger frustration and back again. But one thing is for sure – you will laugh and laugh right alongside Holly and her friends. A definite must-read for anyone who has ever felt betrayed by their co-workers, annoyed by their parents, frustrated with the world in general, or anyone simply in the need of a good belly-laugh.