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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ghost Orchid D.K. Christi

Ghost Orchid by D.K. Christi
Publisher: L & L Dreamspell
Genre: contemporary, paranormal
Length: Full Length (166 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 5 books
Review by: Fennel

Once more before I die…the haunting mantra of a lonely woman. A woman grieving more than one loss.

On her regular walks amongst the splendor of the Audubon Society sanctuary, situated at the edge of the Florida Everglades, the sights and sounds of nature filled the void in Mel’s soul.

She found peace here. No tears for what might have been. Only joy for having experienced the ecstasy of a great love. Her secrets stayed buried.

In another part of the world an exquisitely beautiful young woman also found peace by immersing herself in nature, capturing its beauty on film for National Geographic.

Educated in Europe’s finest boarding schools, Neev became a model at fourteen, but after four years of posing and false smiles she knew she wanted more out of life. She quit modeling to study Philosophy at Oxford University.

Neev’s love of photography brought her to the other side of the camera lens, and to exotic locations around the globe. Working on assignment with famous photographer Roger Andrew, she often trekked deep into the jungle in search of rare flowers.

Having a young, beautiful woman as a partner seemed like a good omen, and Roger thought their travels together could lead to a unique discovery. In spite of the age difference, their shared passion soon blossomed into a loving relationship. He wondered why someone so young would crave this nomadic, isolated lifestyle. Although Neev did share bits of information about her family, she always kept parts of her past a secret.

When a Ghost Orchid began to bloom at the Audubon Society sanctuary, Roger knew this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for. Neev was reluctant to visit Florida, for personal reasons, but he convinced her to accompany him on the trip.

After a series of odd coincidences, they soon discovered this sensuous flower wasn’t just rare and beautiful, it also had a strange, mystical power…

Author D.K. Christi says “Ghost Orchid is the story of the human heart and the relationships that give life meaning, including those with the natural environment.” It is based around her real-life sighting of this rare plant in 2007.

So moved was she by the experience she began writing a story – this story. And it shows in the empathy she portrays with her characters, and the way she weaves her story around the true setting of Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.
Her story has it all, betrayal, loss, love, forgiveness. It is the way she puts them all together that creates the amazing impact upon her readers.

This story has more twists and turns than many mountain switch-back roads. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Ms. Christi leads you off down another avenue. Her descriptions of the sanctuary had me zooming off to search it out online. I found a video of the Ghost Orchid and can understand why Ms. Christi was so influenced by it. That is what reading this book does to you. You want to ‘be’ there, so you can walk beside her characters. Each and every one of them has an integral and influential part to play in her story.

Her story is unusual in as much it spans many years, both backwards and forwards as the orchid weaves its spell upon each character across the generations. Not everyone can write a story spanning three generations successfully, but Ms. Christi does it superbly.

This is a story where to review the characters in detail will detract from the brilliance of the whole. Still, each one carries its own vibrancy onto the page, and Ms. Christi’s style has its own magic which breaths life into every word she writes as does the beauty of her setting.