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Monday, August 2, 2010

Freeze Frame by Judith Rochelle

Freeze Frame by Judith Rochelle
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Genre: Suspense
Length: Full (200 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Book 4 in the Phoenix Agency series.

Katherine “Kat” Culhane was a highly sought after remote viewer, but her gift was beginning to splinter, and just at a time when she needed it the most. Her sister Mari, along with Mari’s employer and his family, have been kidnapped. But Mike D’Antoni, a partner in the shadowy Phoenix Agency, is suddenly back in her life and could be the only person to help find the hostages. The chemistry between them is just as hot as it ever was, but they parted on very bad terms. They need to put the past behind them as they race to find and rescue the hostages.

Super suspense and sensational sex keeps Freeze Frame speeding along at a breathtaking pace. Exciting and crammed full of intrigue, psychic powers, and to-die-for” special ops men, this story grips the imagination and the heart.

Katherine “Kat” Culhane has powers, a type of clairvoyance called remote viewing, but it is wavering. Stress from being pursued by the over-possessive, narcissistic Brent, a rebound man Kat spent time with after Mike D’Antoni’s quick exit from her life has affected her concentration.

Mike D’Antoni, a partner in Phoenix Agency, a high-octane security agency, is considered the playboy of the group. He is super good at his job and super bad at commitment. However, when he and Kat meet by coincidence at an airport in San Antonio, Texas, Mike’s mindset makes a shift.

Judith Rochelle grabs the reader’s attention from the start as Kat and Mike work to free Kat’s sister, her wealthy CEO boss, and his family from kidnappers. She creates an intricate network of bad guys that are formidable foes for the people of the Phoenix Agency which has an intricate network of its own, as well as their own unique abilities and courage, plus a “can-do” attitude that defies all odds.

Freeze Frame captivates with some amazing secondary characters that augment the action. If you’ve read the other books of the Phoenix Agency series, some of these characters are familiar.

The imagery in parts of the novel bring the setting, emotions, and action alive as Judith Rochelle’s smooth writing creates an outstanding story that revs up the heart rate with suspense and makes the heart sing with the love scenes. A very good read for suspense and romance fans alike!