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Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Dimension by Rebecca Royce

First Dimension by Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: Short (120 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Heather

The Saga of Safe Haven Book 1

The only person who can save not one but two dimensions, Hadley Pettigrew is living a simple, undisturbed life on Earth, completely unaware of who and what she is. That is, until a dark, seriously sexy stranger kidnaps her off her science vessel and forces her to change all of her beliefs about what is and is not possible in the course of twenty-four hours.

When faced with the decision of letting his princess continue to suffer or using her daughter to return to his own dimension, Hawk easily chose to kidnap Hadley. What he didn’t anticipate was how much he would admire her intellect or desire her body.

Together Hawk and Hadley will have to overcome past obstacles to carve out a new future, not just for themselves but also for more people than they ever dreamed possible. The first year in a new dimension has arrived. Who will live and who will die is almost as important as who will fall in love.

Hawk's life has been a series of failures. He failed to save the queen, and has watched helpless as, one by one, her daughters are born, live and die by their 30th birthday. He vows never to fail again, and kidnaps her latest daughter, Hadley, hoping she'll be the one to open the portal to his world and free him and his men.

Hadley Pettigrew is a marine biologist. She prides herself on her scientific mind, her logic. Being kidnapped by pirates is bad enough. Being told her mother's an imprisoned queen, her father's a madman and she's a princess fated to die a horrible death at 30 really stretches it. Until she goes through the portal and realizes Hawk's telling the truth.

Getting these two together was the easy part. Keeping them together is the hard part.

There's a lot of dark drama to this book. It is told as the first chapter of a larger saga, which means a lot of unfinished business at the end. If you're not fond of cliffhanger book endings, this might bother you. Just remember, it's the beginning of more! The characters are interesting, and the multiple-dimensions are very cool, even if I got confused occasionally as to where/when I was.

"First Dimension" is a very inventive story. This author dreams big - and I glad to know there's lots more to come.