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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dragon’s Diamond by Jane Toombs

Dragon’s Diamond (A Darkness of Dragons Book 2) by Jane Toombs
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (104 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

A man regains consciousness lying naked on an isolated beach. He remembers only his first name. He doesn't recognize his surroundings, nor recall who he is. More dangerous, he doesn't know what he is--or that the fate of mankind rests on his remembering…

I enjoyed this second installment in Jane Toombs Darkness of Dragons series. I read the first, Dragon’s Pearl, and was hoping she would give us the rest of the story of what happened to David when he and Vran fought.

Awakening naked on a beach, all he knows is that his name is David. How he got there, why he is naked and where he is are all mysteries to be solved. Kam, a ten-year-old child, takes David to the woods to help her sister, whose leg is caught in a trap.

There are things going on here, things that the three can only overcome together. There is an evil presence, and forces working, and it will take more than just the powers David and Tima possess to win. Can David regain his memory and his powers in time? Will Kam’s power be able to save them all?

I love the characters in this one. Tima is a strong young woman, raising her young sister and tending the farm on her own. She knows her sister is “special” with powers she doesn’t understand. Tima has a big heart, and sympathy for the handsome stranger who arrives in her life naked and confused. Kam is such a cutie, and she has this ability to know things without any reason. And David is a great character in this one. Without his memory, some of the arrogance and attitude he had in the first book is gone, and we see him in a different light.

These three make a wonderful family, but the evil darkness of the black dragon has not been completely eliminated. The same enemy that was thwarted in Dragon’s Pearl has resurfaced, Nouhi the witch. She is a distant relative to Kam and Tima, and plans to use Kam’s powers to release the evil.

I love the historic view Ms. Toombs adds to this, the tale of those who went before to imprison the dragon and his evil, and the risks taken throughout history to contain the evil. I also liked that David was able to regain his memory and get some closure with family members here. What, or who, is the Dragon’s Diamond, you ask? Well I think that would be telling, and it’s more enjoyable to discover for yourself reading this book. I do recommend reading these in order for the full story, and yes there is a wonderful happy ever after in both.