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Friday, August 27, 2010

Devil in a Red Kilt by Elysabeth Williams

Devil in a Red Kilt by Elysabeth Williams
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Time Travel, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (225 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Lavender

Their Happily Ever After
Deserved a Second Chance …

For more than twenty years, Evan and Evie MacDonald were the couple “meant to be.” Their marriage now in tatters, they throw one final family Halloween party to honor Evie’s recently deceased mother. But, as Evan’s hand hovers over divorce papers, the ancient Celtic secrets Evie’s mother always spoke of spring to life.

Transported in flames to thirteenth-century Scotland, Evie and Evan land on opposite sides of the feud raging between Clans MacDonald and McLeod. Dubbed the Red Devil, Evan’s skills as a leader and warrior bring him into the enemy camp—and back to Evie. Now, faced with an ancient evil they never imagined, the two must rekindle the “forever and ever” kind of love they once felt, and bargain for a bit of Fae magic to flip the hourglass right side up again—before time runs out.

Devil in a Red Kilt by Elysabeth Williams was an entertaining read and at times, hard to predict -- which is a good thing.

Of all the aspects of this story, I loved the hero, Evan, best. He was really something. Sexy, Scottish, full of honor and integrity, he had such deep love for his wife. Despite their marital problems and temptation thrown his way, gorgeous Evan didn't stray.

I liked Evan's family too, the teenaged kids, and his Southern wife, Evie. She's a great cook and full of spunk. I was sad when she misunderstood a situation with Evan and wanted a divorce, but the conflict kept me reading.

The sexual tension throughout was well done and tasteful. I loved how Evan kept trying to find his way back to his beloved wife's heart. I could feel his passion and frustration.

Then comes the really cool part: Evan and Evie are thrown back in time to Medieval Scotland and the real adventures begin. They are, of course, on opposite sides, ending up with families who are against each other. But Evan is continuously put in bad situations and proves what a real man he is.

There are many touching, charming moments throughout the story, and true love is present. When Even has to take the blame for someone else¹s murders and approaches Evie and the family she¹s staying with, excellent tension occurs. I kept waiting to see how Evie would react to him when they met up again.

At first this was a good thing. I enjoyed the tension at first, but it was taken a bit far. When they were in the same room, more than once, for one reason or another, his identity was kept from her. I started to get frustrated with this. Also, there were big chunks of 'telling' one of those things I don't really like, and lots of head hopping and some point of view issues that distracted me.

However, I very much enjoyed the story overall, the joyous moments particularly, and the interesting twist concerning the Fae. What a great, romantic story! I'd definitely recommend it and will look for this author's work in the future.