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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Banshee's Walk by Frank Tuttle

The Banshee's Walk by Frank Tuttle
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Length: Full (225 pages)
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Heat: Sweet
Rating 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Hydrangea

No secret stays buried forever.

A Markhat novel.

When patron of the arts Lady Erlorne Werewilk hires Markhat to identify the parties who are stealthily mapping out the Lady’s estate by moonlight, Markhat anticipates the usual—greedy relatives or rapacious neighbors plotting a land grab. After all, muses Rannit’s most feckless Finder, the Lady runs a colony filled with young artists. Aside from snits over color and perspective, how dangerous could a squabble over a backwoods house possibly be?

With new partner Gertriss in tow, Markhat takes the Lady’s case. Before the first night is done, the house is visited by murder, mayhem, and the haunting wail of what may be a genuine banshee, come to herald not just one death, but the deaths of all within. Trapped in a house under siege, Markhat must make a desperate gamble with an old enemy to win the race to unlock the secret that lies beneath the Lady’s lands. And find a way to turn that secret against the powerful forces converging on House Werewilk.

The Banshee's Walk Is a great action adventure book.

Markhat is a finder, and now after learning from Lady Werewelk that she thinks someone is trying to steal a house from her he intends on figuring things out. With his new teammate coming along too, Markhat is trying to talk to people to see if there are any suspects.

This was a really good book, with some fun characters. Markhat was a believeable hero, yet I thoroughly enjoyed his mama, who was caring and humorous. The lady was a good, fiesty, well-rounded character. Gertiss was a nice partner to Markhat even in her obvious inexperience.

Darla, with her abilities, was cool as well. The bits of romance were good mixed in with the mystery, and the search for the answers was really quite interesting. The villians were well thought out and I enjoyed how Markhat interacted with his friends and allies. I also enjoyed the close friendships too. It was great that Markhat was not too disagreeable to let others help him on the case.

This book never got predictable and the action stayed thoughout which was great to read and I really enjoyed the humor throughout. All of the characters had their own place and were realistic. I believe this would be a good series, and I would certainly read other books by this author.

If you enjoy detective mystery stories, some good action and adventure, and a bit of romance with some paranormal thrown in, then this is the book for you.