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Monday, August 30, 2010

Apparitions by Raven Bower

Apparitions by Raven Bower
Publisher: Under the Moon
Length: Full Length (296 pgs)
Genre: Paranormal, Mystery/suspense, contemp, sci-fi/fantasy
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Tulip

Bailey Khane is a renowned author visited by ghostly guests-murder victims seeking the peace of the grave. Unbeknownst to her, they were all slain by the same man. Caught between the growing shadow of his knife and the unholy fury of the dead he has left in his wake, she is forced to call upon obscure knowledge of the occult, superstition and myth to survive. When Andy Bennett searches for the answers to his sister's murder he is drawn into a web of horror and shambling corpses-with Bailey high on his list of suspects. Sheriff Jay Carson and Deputy Raines fight to form a line between their citizens and the creatures that crave to destroy them.

Bailey Khane is an author of fictional novels that deal with the horrid murders of young girls. Andy Bennett is absolutely certain that one of Bailey's stories is written about his sister, Erika, and her brutal demise.

Bailey is haunted by the spirits of these slain young girls, especially by Erika. They come to her as apparitions and she witnesses all of the carnage that was wrought on these victims. She lives in a remote cabin on a lake in White Sands, Michigan and surrounds herself and her guardian dog, Thor, with all of the silver and other weapons to avert evil from entering her realm. She is the loner in the town and her neighbors are either scared of her or think she belongs in a looney-bin. I found myself very tied to Bailey throughout the book. This character could be seen as a hippy-ish kind of woman, but I grew to understand the terror that she is witnessing and slowly, I was drawn into her nightmare. I could not help myself and really felt that she was doing everything that she could to help the victims of this outrage by making her surroundings stronger, and therefore, making herself stronger in her heart.

Andy is a private investigator and sincerely believes that Bailey Khane is the person responsible for the death of his sister. He finagles an opportunity to stay in her beach house, so that he can uncover the truth. Andy's character is a little deceiving at first. I didn't want want to like him because of his agenda to get back at Bailey. But eventually I did come to like him after he actually witnesses some of the mysterious doings surrounding Bailey.

Things progress from here and we learn the truth behind the murders and the evil taking place under the guise of someone whom no one would suspect of such evil. The story gets going right away, and I was drawn right into the terror and pain that the characters were living. Raven Bower did a great job of bringing these characters to an understanding of each other and that was one of the reasons that the story kept me reading.

The evil character is very evil and very aptly portrayed and written about. Evil incarnate! The character was so self-centered and really thought that his was the only way to live in this world. I was really thrilled at the end of the book that he got the treatment that was so appropriate for him.

This novel is very fluid and written with real flair. Nothing is left unresolved and every side story is finished. Raven Bower pulled me right into the story from the get-go. I sincerely hope that the author continues to write, as I believe there is a real place for women writing this particular genre. The genre itself seems to evoke male author names, and knowing that women are willing to venture into the horror genre, without vampires or werewolves, just horror on a mind and physical level, is so pleasing to me. You can't get much better than a good horror/ghost story. It brings me back to being a kid and wanting a good scare.