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Monday, July 26, 2010

Third Time's a Charm by Stacey Coverstone

Third Time's a Charm by Stacey Coverstone
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Historical (Am. West)
Length: Full (239 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Married into Boston’s elite society, Sabra Bennett prefers horseback riding and ragtime music to sipping tea with the ladies. When a surprise discovery turns tragic, she flees to wild, untamed Colorado Territory, harboring a secret, determined to start anew.

Irishman, Noah Tucker, has spent years sailing the high seas and sampling a woman in every port. Now he’s settled in Gumption, Colorado, intent on raising sheep. The moment he meets the redheaded widow, he entertains thoughts of making her his mistress. But, her close-mouthed ways hint she’s not who she claims to be.

While Sabra becomes the object of affection for more than one man, she vows to keep her secret safe at all costs. But, when Noah takes her in his arms, she’s willing to gamble there’s more to him than his whiskey-swilling, skirt-chasing antics. He just might be the one man she can trust with everything…including her heart.

Mrs. Sabra Bennett’s independent ways and spitfire temper get her into an untenable situation. She runs, in fear, from the opulent mansion in Boston to the wilds of Colorado where she determines to make a new life. In nineteenth-century America, this is risky.

Intrepid, fifteen-year-old Rusty Paladin befriends Sabra on the train and says she is having a grand adventure. He champions her cause. In Denver, he introduces her to his brother Grey and Grey’s friend Noah Tucker and then talks the two men into taking her to Gumption with them.

Sabra’s fear of being caught eases as she experiences the rigors of traveling with these three males over the untamed land, sees how isolation from society affects some women, and feels weak in the knees at Noah Tucker’s touch.

Noah Tucker, a bold as brass Irishman, drinks too much, speaks his mind too crudely, and lives in conditions Sabra had run from years before. However, he sends her heart racing.

Jason Lord, the wealthy rancher that helped found Gumption, wants a suitable wife, Sabra is just right he thinks. He is smart, tough, a good conversationalist, and progressive thinking about women. He appreciates her intelligence and “can-do” way of thinking. He offers her the best of material things if she will be his wife.

The secondary characters, like Mattie and Piper, bring out the different facts of the primary characters. Sabra’s friendship with these two reveals much about her, especially when she counsels Piper saying marriage should have love, humor, honesty and faithfulness.

Stacey Coverstone starts Third Time's a Charm with a bang and keeps events moving right along, while the feeling of “when will that second shoe drop” from Sabra’s Boston actions. Ms. Coverstone, with a special touch of humor that brings a smile often, develops conflicts and an edgy love story that must overcome some big obstacles. Good entertainment!