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Friday, July 30, 2010

Starlight Wish by Janice Bennett

Starlight Wish by Janice Bennett
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Short (122 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Book two in the Wishing For Love series.

When Major Aubrey Kellands becomes the fifth Earl of Daventry, he returns from the Peninsula to the ancestral home he has not seen in eleven years. He finds both household and estate in complete chaos and decides he needs a sensible wife to help him restore order. His whimsical wish on a star brings Xanthe—his fairy godmother—and her cat Titus. Xanthe announces she will hold a house party over Christmas at his home, thus granting him the opportunity to find the wife he truly needs.

Miss Desdemona Lynton is lively and mischievous—the exact opposite of the wife Daventry seeks. Her humor—and her relentless pursuit of housebreakers who plague the neighborhood—enthrall him despite his best efforts to ignore her. His heart and his head are in deep conflict, and only Xanthe’s magical humming can help him discover that what he really needs—and wants—is love.

Daventry is ready to settle for a practical wife, lucky for him his fairy godmother knows best!

Major Aubrey Kellands, Fifth Earl of Daventry has been away from home and in the military for the last eleven years. His return to Kelland Court is met with an overwhelming reality check in the form of dilapidated buildings, neglected fields and a severe shortage of capable staff. Not to mention the stent of home invasion and robbery that had been hitting the surrounding area.

With two young step-sisters to care for and a house in bad need of proper managing, Daventry comes to the conclusion that what he really needs is a wife. A wish upon a star and a burst of smoke and feathers later, in pops Xanthia, his fairy godmother. What follows is fun, a little danger and pure Regency romance.

From the pen of Regency romance writer extraordinaire, Janice Bennett, comes a tale of magic, mystery, and a little bit of mayhem. Daventry is the stoic military man that has forgotten how to laugh in the face of chaos and enjoy life.

Desdimona “Desdi” Lynton is all that is “light and life”. Chaos seems to follow her wherever she goes.

I found myself laughing out loud at the scrapes that Desdi tended to get herself into. She was such a fun character. Unfortunately for Desdi, Daventry saw her as hoydenish, irresponsible and completely unfit to help raise his younger sisters. I was pleased but not surprised to see that he eventually came to the conclusion that he couldn’t live with Desdi and her chaos. Some might say I just spoiled the book but this is a true romance. There can be no other ending than a perfect and sweet happily ever after.

Ms. Bennett stays true to form by adding secondary characters that have their own heartwarming stories as well as an exciting subplot that keeps the story moving smoothly to a satisfying conclusion. This reviewer was pleased to note that Ms. Bennett left a beautiful opening for a continuation of Xanthia’s wish fulfilling adventures with her many god-children.