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Friday, July 30, 2010

Seduced By The Wolf by Terry Spear

Seduced By The Wolf by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (404 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Cassie Roux is a wolf biologist who has studied real wolves for years, trying to prove to the world they’re not the evil predators so many people believe them to be. A red lupus garou, who lost her pack and was raised by real wolves, she has dedicated her life to their preservation. Now for the first time, she discovers a female wolf, her mate dead, and the pups and the mother in real danger, and Cassie does everything she can think of to protect them. Until she runs into one stubborn alpha pack leader—werewolf kind—who has other plans for her.

Leidolf Wildhaven is a red lupus garou pack leader of Portland, Oregon and has more troubles than he ever thought possible what with running a pack, a ranch and other businesses, dealing with a couple of cantankerous new lupus garous, and a myriad of other problems when a little red wolf of the lupus garou variety is spotted in his territory. She’d be perfect as his mate, if she agreed. Only the headstrong woman has other priorities, saving real wolves from extinction, when he’s more worried about his own kind’s extinction and winning her heart.

This story is a classic case of Tag, Dodge Ball and Hide and Go Seek. The game of love abounds with the pursuit, the tease and the requisite bad guys to make this story a consistent page turner.

Cassie is the heroine and a lady who could define the word ‘survivor’. At a young age, her world, her life and her future was destroyed and she was left to fend for herself in the only way she knew how. She lived with real wolves. Because of that event she has dedicated herself to their protection. She’s knowledgeable, earnest and knows no fear when she’s on the trail of a new pack to observe and get to know. I would say she’s a bit obsessed too. She has good reason, that’s true. But she has turned into a woman who finds it almost impossible to trust another person, human or werewolf. So she does things her own way. For the most part, it’s an admirable quality but as she finds out the hard way, being alone has some great disadvantages. And she has to eventually come to the realization that she wants more out of life than what she’s settled for. It’s that road to discovery which weaves throughout this book that allows a reader to get to know Cassie, and care for her. A reader wants her to be happy but wants her to lighten up too. She’s so stubborn! Then again, she is an alpha female.

Leidolf is the alpha and pack leader. I’ve been waiting for his story because in previous books in the series, he seemed so alone and I didn’t want him to be. Finally he has his lady love but the path to wedded bliss, werewolf style is fraught with peril – she is too stubborn to admit she wants him; he’s got other guys wanting to usurp his leadership, teenagers doing stupid stunts compounded by raging hormones and a mystery that if left unsolved could get some people near and dear to Leidolf, killed. Talk about pressure. But the hunky red wolf is up to the challenge and won’t let anyone deter him from his goal, and that’s mating with Cassie. Unfortunately, he makes more than your average amount of detours in his quest to gain Cassie’s agreement to mate. One of those places is downright embarrassing, which of course made me snicker. What endeared me to his character was his inability and in fact, total bemusement in doing business accounting and math. He was hopeless which made him flawed, vulnerable and for a romance hero, perfect.

The bad guys and the good guys get mixed up a bit for awhile. I had a hard time figuring out if the bad guys were really bad or misguided and the ones I expected to be troublesome ended up being halfway decent. A lot of twists and turns, misleading hints and diabolical misconceptions kept me guessing and wondering throughout the book. All the threads woven throughout were tied up either as an exciting action packed confrontation, romantic seduction with spectacular results or a comedic zing that lightened up the dramatic tone of most of this story. The secondary characters were varied, numerous and interesting. There are even adorable puppies to coo over.

Ms. Spear has another exciting winner on her hands with Seduced By The Wolf. It delves into pack dynamics and a man’s sense of self. It shows the value of trust and the joy of protecting family. It’s a book worthy to continue the wolf series that I fell in love with a few books ago. It’s so well thought out and orchestrated, it’s a pleasure to read. I hope she writes another one soon, and I can’t wait to find out who is going to have a happily-ever-after next. There’s no better recommendation that I can make except to say, read Seduced By The Wolf, it’s a gripping and entertaining tale with a rich plot, dynamic characters and a love story sure to please.