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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rhythm of the Drum by Helen Hardt

Rhythm of the Drum by Helen Hardt
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short (112 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Earth Songs Series

Ella Morgan loves her mother and father, but she's grown weary of their overbearing protectiveness. She longs for excitement, adventure, and most of all, love. When she finds an injured Lakota warrior hiding in her barn, she's intrigued by the brave and handsome man. Silver Rav

en has found his soul mate in the woman with eyes the color of violets at first bloom. Can he convince her to leave her home and family and take her rightful place as his woman? Or will Ella's father and the prejudices of society keep them apart?

Ella Morgan dreams about falling in love and marrying a handsome man, but her wildest dreams couldn’t have prepared her for what fate had in mind.

Ella’s life is simple and predictable. She lives with her father and mother in the Black Hills of South Dakota where her father ministers to the gold miners. Silver Raven, a Lakota warrior, stumbles into Ella’s life wounded from an encounter with a bear. Rather than being frightened by the warrior, Ella is intrigued. She hides him on her father’s property and tends to his wounds. As Ella cares for Silver Raven, she finds herself powerfully drawn to the man. He awakens feelings in her much stronger than anything she’s ever felt before. Silver Raven also feels a powerful bond with Ella, and he is soon convinced that she is his soul mate. However, Ella and Silver Raven are from two very different cultures. Will Ella’s parents accept Silver Raven? Will Silver Raven’s people welcome Ella, or will the lovers be torn apart before their romance has a chance to bloom?

Ms. Hardt did a great job of portraying the tenderness and emotion between Ella and Silver Raven. It is clear from the moment they meet, they have chemistry to burn. The love scenes between the two are very touching and well written.

Ella is definitely a sweet heroine. She is devoted to her mother and father, and she takes Silver Raven to her heart almost as soon as she meets him. She is very naïve in the ways of the world, but she is also a strong woman ready to face the unknown. Despite the obstacles being with Silver Raven will create, she stands with him and vows to follow him where ever he goes. Silver Raven is just as devoted to Ella. He is a strong man who will protect her at any cost.

I did feel that that the conflict between the Lakota culture and white culture could have been developed a bit more. The idea that there will be friction between Ella’s family and Silver Raven’s tribe looms over the couple throughout the story, but in the end is dealt with too quickly in my opinion. Wounds in Ella’s father’s past are uncovered, but as quickly as they were exposed, they were glossed over. Ella and Silver Raven’s story has the potential to reach a deeper and more profound level, but doesn’t quite make it.

Despite this issue, I enjoyed reading Rhythm of the Drum. It is a genuine and touching romance that can be read in one sitting. Fans of historical romance will certainly enjoy it.