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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lessons in Love by Patti Shenberger

Lessons in Love by Patti Shenberger
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (28 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Three women who aren’t looking for love find it in all the wrong places, but for all the right reasons. Come along on their journey as they let themselves fall in love again. If you open your heart and believe, love can be right around the corner.

Cassie knows the best way to fight fire is with fire, and a sexy fireman is just the ticket to a hot new beginning.

Polly’s old house is draining her bank account dry, but when a sexy roofer starts making offers she can’t refuse, things suddenly look a whole lot brighter.

Marian isn’t sure she’s ready to start over, but when a man from her past pops into the picture, it’s hard not to take a chance on the future.

1 - Where There’s Smoke
Ms Shenberger instantly captures the reader's attention with her opening paragraph. I wonder how many boyfriends use the new fiancee to dump the ‘ex’ girlfriend? Cassie has your sympathy almost from the first sentence. How is she going to turn her life around? What can Ms Shenberger do with her hero and heroine when she includes three separate short stories in the twenty eight pages of this book.

The answer is – quite a lot! With tight writing, plenty of emotion and impactful scenes, Ms Shenberger has you rooting for Cassie and Fireman Martin with her humorous and lighthearted scene construction.

2 – House Calls
There is a saying ‘beware what you wish for, you just might get it.’ When Polly’s dream house turns into a nightmare of money crunching proportions she doesn’t know what to do. The roof… take her phrase “and I’m living in Niagara Falls.” And you get the picture.

Along comes Ted who’s the proud possessor of a sneaky, well informed, match-making Grandmother and Ms Shenberger offers yet another amusing tale where the ‘good-guy’ wins all.

3 – Be My Valentine
This story is another instance where Ms Shenberger packs plenty of emotion into a very short story. Based in a school environment and childhood sweethearts, this endearing tale tells of love blossoming from the ashes of loss and heartache. The writer offers powerful short romantic stories which do not rely on sex scenes to hold your interest. The passion is implied by the bucketful.

If you are looking for entertainment to fill in some spare time, or to lift your spirits if you’re feeling down, then this is the book to choose.