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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Highland Dawn by Donna Grant

Highland Dawn by Donna Grant
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Genre: Historical, Fantasy
Length: Full (197 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Druids Glen, Book Three

An immortal with unanswered questions… The immortal Dartayous, a powerful Druid warrior, is given one mission—keep Moira alive to fulfill the prophecy. But with each passing day, the burning desire he feels for her eats away at the wall surrounding his heart.

A Druid priestess in search of a key… Moira Sinclair must find the key to enter the realm of the Fae, but once she steps into the sacred realm, secrets she has kept buried rise and force her to see herself for who she really is.

Magic, Faes, Druids, dragons, and drama make Highland Dawn pulsate with life.

In the Highlands of Scotland early in the nineteenth century, the time arrives for the Prophecy to be fulfilled. Moira travels with Dartayous, the Druid warrior, to find the doorway to the Realm of the Faes as Frang, the Druid high priest, directed. Moira’s two sisters, Fiona and Glenna, have found their place in the scheme of things. Now Moira must make a choice and find hers. In so doing, she will decide the fate for Scotland and the Realm of the Faes — whether good or evil will rule.

Moira’s power is stronger than she realizes, but she has secrets that threaten to impair her judgment and subvert her powers.

The immortal Dartayous, always her guardian since the night her parents were killed and he carried her away to the safety of Druid Glen, loves her but does not yield to it, instead he is distant and quarrelsome with her. They do not trust each other.

As this magical story unfolds, beautifully colored dragons fight the black death dragons that have been loosed by the evil Fae Lugus. He had not known the devastation they would bring to his beloved city. While the dragons fight in the sky, Moira and Dartayous fight their own battles on the ground. Lugus proves to be a powerful foe. These terrifying, heart-stopping events make Highland Dawn spellbinding and keep the reader entranced.

Donna Grant’s smooth style of writing, her amazing descriptions, and subtle, continual character development as the plot progresses create a memorable story for this third book of the Druid Glen series. Whether you’ve read the first two books or not, Highland Dawn is completly mesmerizing. The reader’s vicarious journey with Moira and Dartayous in Scotland, the Realm of the Faes, the Shadowland, and the Isle of Skye is magical.

Finding the courage to finally say, “I Love You”, gains Moira and Dartayous their happy-ever-after and assures Scotland and the Realm of the Faes good years ahead. Enchanting reading!