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Monday, July 12, 2010

Goldeneyes by Delia Latham

Goldeneyes by Delia Latham
Publisher: Vintage Reflections Publishing
Genre: Historical, Inspirational
Length: Full (268 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Cholla

A man’s eyes are the windows to his soul … if he has one.

Deep in the darkness of a Depression-era night, a man addicted to alcohol commits an unspeakable crime to obtain it. His vile action impacts the lives of two entire families, and decades will pass before the horrible wrong begins to be made right again.

Two young women – strangers to each other – unknowingly enmeshed in a Pandora’s Box of secrets that could prevent them from finding happiness with the men they love. Two adoring mothers who know more than they are willing to say. A newsman with a story he cannot tell.

What is their connection, and who is the golden-eyed stranger who moves in the shadows of their broken lives?

Addiction can drive a man to do some pretty awful things, but to sell his baby? In the dead of night, when the demon takes control and you have nowhere to turn, you might possibly be driven to do even that. Just ask Jack Kelly. He’ll tell you…

Jack Kelly starts this novel off with a bang and a horrendous confession. And while his physical presence in this novel is short-lived, his spirit is in every chapter. Despite his despicable act, he is a fascinating character. His love for his wife is everything in his world and yet, his demon is more dominant. I would have liked to get to know him just a bit better.

Juliana Camden is an inspiration in herself. A writer of inspirational fiction, she finds herself suddenly reading and answering mail for an advice column. This, in itself, will change the course of her life. I loved the fact that she is very devout and yet is still unsure of herself at times. However, she is a very loving and caring person, taking each and every request for advice to heart. We’d all be lucky to have someone like her on our side.

Gillian Parsons is quite the opposite of Juliana. While still being an extremely honest and caring person, she has been lacking in faith since the death of her father. She is probably the more realistic of the two women, as we all have a crisis of faith at least once in our lives, although I know women like both of these young ladies. The fact that, just because her faith has been misplaced, she doesn’t give up completely says a lot about her character and the upbringing she’s had. Watching her grow and find what she’d lost was a wonderful experience.

From the very first page, I was drawn into Jack Kelly’s story. Rich storytelling combined with believable and lovable characters only enhanced the already well-woven plot. Goldeneyes was filled with twists and turns and surprises I never saw coming. Add to this the faith and Christian values sprinkled throughout the pages and you get an amazing story of love, faith, and endurance of spirit that you won’t soon forget. Delia Latham’s Goldeneyes is a treasure of story sure to make an impact on anyone who picks it up.