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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Five Leaf Clover by Sandra Sookoo

Five Leaf Clover by Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (42 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

When it comes to magic and love, which will a leprechaun choose?

Jinx may have a handle on her job as the town’s baker, but it’s the leprechaun jig that’s out of control. She has a tendency to spill coins wherever she goes...not a good thing in a small town.

With big city hotels booked solid for the college basketball tourney, Conor is forced to cools his heels in the tiny town. It’s by pure accident that he stumbles upon Jinx’s secret. He demands three wishes and threatens to hold her hostage unless the curvy redhead complies.

Jinx will need more than the luck of the Irish to convince her sexy suitor she’s not his fortune at the end of the rainbow. Or is Conor the one man who can make her chose love over magic?

Leprechauns do exist... or so we do so want to believe, as main character Jinx begins to uncover the meaning of some difficult-to-understand events in her life. Actually, the odd occurrences worry her less than they would many, and at that, take a sudden backseat when she first sets eyes on new arrival Conor.

Five Leaf Clover is a very uncommon contemporary romance that runs smack into the fanciful and carries on without a blink. Sookoo develops remarkably appealing characters and lets us share their moods, minds, and attractions.

Magic can be difficult to swallow and has to be handled deftly; here the 'rules' of magic leave us with a rather contrived feeling; even for those of us that adore the magical. It's oddly the only bit that's hard to swallow, and fortunately, although pivotal, its all rather secondary to the feelings of the heart. Five Leaf Clover is in fact a nice romance, a bit on the lighter side but with a vastly less predictable storyline than most.

This has appeal if you are in the right sort of giggly mood, or perhaps searching for the perfect holiday-esque read...