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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Experienced Mistress by Bryn Donovan

An Experienced Mistress by Bryn Donovan
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (266 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Will Creighton always does what Victorian society expects of a gentleman. But after he returns home to London from the horrors of war to find his fiancée married to someone else, he decides he’s played by the rules long enough. He intends to enjoy illicit pleasure with a mistress before marrying a proper wife.

Genevieve Bell is anything but proper. She struggles to be taken seriously as a female artist, and when very young, a brief affair ruined her chances for a good marriage. Now painting is her only passion--until she meets Will.

When Will mistakes Genevieve for an experienced mistress, Genevieve finds herself unable to resist playing along. But will he discover she’s far from an expert in the art of love?

Communicating but not understanding each other, Genevieve Bell and Will Creighton set events in motion for an exhilarating romance with love scenes that sizzle.

Genevieve has no excessive respect for Society Rules. These rules deny her artistic talent and condemn her because of one stupid mistake she made as a naïve art student. In dire straits for money since refusing to continue being cheated by her cousin, Genevieve makes a deal with Will Creighton. With information from a book belonging to another woman artist, Genevieve becomes a most successful teacher who learns a lot from her student. Together they create a “masterpiece”.

Will Creighton, home from the hell of the Crimean War, wants a mistress for a time before settling into the dull, rule-bound life of aristocracy. Going on hearsay, Will finds himself in an unexpected yet irresistible relationship. Traumas of war and his injury recede as his “lessons” with Genevieve progress — some pretty exciting “lessons”.

The humor, the primal connection, the rich emotional ties, and the understanding acceptance are captivating in An Experienced Mistress. The secondary characters, especially Mrs. Tate and Mr. Babbage, add just the right background for Genevieve and Will’s story to bubble with life and love.

Bryn Donovan uses all the usual elements expected in a mid-nineteenth century England historical romance. However, her refreshing style blends these elements into a glorious love for two disillusioned people without the trauma of “ruin” but with an appreciation for the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual facets of Genevieve and Will that unite for a most satisfying happy-ever-after.