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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CaddyGirls by V. K. Sykes

CaddyGirls by V. K. Sykes
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (200 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Fennel

Torrey Green once had a promising golf career, now she's stuck caddying for butt-pinching businessmen. She doesn't mind playing dumb while hauling clubs if it means she can get her golf career back on track, and she's going to need an influx of cash to focus on the pro circuit. A booking from video game mogul Julian Grant could be Torrey's cash-flow solution.

In town for a business deal, Julian's partners plan for a little action on the greens. They're looking for some fun with their rent-a-caddy girls and have a lot riding on who can score, on the course and off. This type of gamble isn't Julian's style, but he'll do whatever it takes to keep his partners happy—even if that includes breaking a few hearts along the way.

Julian soon discovers that Torrey is more than just a caddy girl, and they spark an intriguing attraction—but if Torrey discovers the truth behind his foolish wager, all bets are off...

I was drawn to this story by its unusual backdrop of the pro golfing world. Detailed knowledge of golfing terminology is not required, as Ms. Sykes – a husband and wife writing team – does not overwhelm you with it. Indeed I came away at the end of the book feeling I’d been allowed a peek into the technicalities of clubs and how to swing them without feeling like a dunce.

Torrey Green has a dream, but no money to bring it to fruition. She needs a sponsor and no one seems to keen to oblige. She’s strong and tough through several of life’s hard knocks, so when Julian Grant hoves into sight, she's not one to pass up on a golden opportunity.

Julian Grant is a self declared work-a-holic, but he’s looking forward to four days of golfing in between tough merger negotiations. He has goals, and is determined to overcome any and all obstacles, but Torrey is a curve-ball that distracts Julian when he least expects it.

With two such determined characters you could be forgiven for wondering how a few games of golf could threaten to demolish habits of a lifetime, but be assured, it can, and it does. It is how V. K. Sykes contrives to disrupt those dreams and goals that will keep you turning the pages.

The authors present strong and believable characters that come alive with few words as do the settings. I could feel the tension, dreams and disasters in the casino, the bantering challenges between Julian and his colleagues as well as the rivalry of the Caddy Girls.

The smell of freshly cut grass of the various golf courses almost wafts off the pages. The sunshine pelting down from blue skies vie for a myriad of stars from a midnight sky. It’s all there, vibrant in its intensity.

Both main characters have lessons to learn and V. K. Sykes take them through their trials with consummate skill. This book is full of emotion and vivid love scenes.

If you enjoy a steamy, intense and yet tender love story, then this book will appeal to you.