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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Analysis of Love by Fiona McGier

Analysis of Love by Fiona McGier
Publisher: Wings ePress
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (236 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Catalina is the one Reyes sister who has always resisted her Hispanic roots. She refused to learn Spanish...she refuses to fall in love. She is always in control; no man can resist her sexy appearance that promises to fulfill their every dream. What happens when she is assigned to interview a blind man who can’t see her reliable attributes?

Feisty, promiscuous Catalina, the fifth of the eight Reyes siblings, loves her job as a reporter. At thirty-five, she is a beauty with an aura of pheromones about her that makes the air crackle with sexual awareness. Easily bored, she never stays with one sex partner very long. However, she is totally faithful to her family. She gives and accepts unconditional love in her immediate and extended family, but not even her family can help her when she’s given a repugnant assignment to discredit an honorable man. She alone must decide to do the assignment or have her career as a reporter destroyed and face being unemployed at age thirty-five.

Dr. Evan Thompson, the psychologist to be discredited, turns out to be a handsome, buff, blind man with instincts and senses more refined than most men. Having been hurt badly when his fiancĂ© left him, Evan avoids relationships. He is an “in-control guy” as a rule, but, at Catalina’s first session, his control slips a little as his mind, body and emotions spring to life with excitement and a touch of apprehension. His professionalism is truly tested.

The deceit, the development of love, the discovery, and the devastation of dreadful words grip the reader’s emotions and keep her turning pages. While the sexual electricity crackles and sizzles there is also deep, introspective conversation that reveals multi-facets to each of Catalina and Evan’s personalities. They are exciting, interesting, and fun to known.

The family relationships create a compelling story all its own. The acceptance, teasing, supportiveness, empathy, and unfailing love add a rich layer to the story. Juanita, Catalina’s mother, stands out among the multitude of secondary characters. When Catalina, her bright, smiling child comes home in tears, Juanita’s understanding and advice is mother instinct at its best.

Fiona McGier grabs the reader’s attention and proceeds to entertain, rev up the heart rate, even slips in information about “self-actualization”. But best of all Catalina and Evan find their “Bliss” ... that peak experience in life. Analysis of Love is a super addition to the Reyes Series.