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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wild Irish Sea by Loucinda McGary

The Wild Irish Sea by Loucinda McGary
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (306 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fern

Drawn to a force he can’t resist…
Former police officer Kevin Hennessey is running from his past—choosing to battle smugglers instead of dealing with his personal demons. When a desperate, rain-drenched American woman appears on his doorstep with wild tales of danger, Kevin is drawn to helping her, despite his reservations...

She never saw him coming…
Amber O’Neill knew without a doubt that her brother was in mortal danger. Rushing heedlessly to the rocky shores of Ireland, Amber was stunned to find her rescue mission derailed by a gorgeous, but deeply flawed Irishman...

The tumultuous sea, the intertwined fates of the coastal villagers, and unearthly tales of a hidden selkie prince bring Kevin and Amber together in a connection of mind, body, and soul that neither can deny...

The Wild Irish Sea is a captivating story that snares the reader, captures the interest, and steals the heart. Author Loucinda McGary has written a book that is so unique and unforgettable that once you start reading, you will be unable to stop.

Amber O’Neil rushes to the aid of her brother, Parker, when she receives a mental distress call that travels from Ireland to the United States. This particular message is unique as their ability to communicate with one another (they are twins) usually doesn’t carry so far away, and she is able to identify not only his terror, but that he is harmed. When she arrives at the place Parker visited to get in touch with his cultural roots, she seeks out the first person she is told can help her. Half conscious and exhausted, she soon finds herself in the arms of a gruff and handsome Irishman.

Kevin Hennessy was once a decent policeman, husband, and soon to be father. That all changed on a tragic night that all but ruined his life. Now, he’s struggling to stay sober and keep his head afloat. When Amber arrives at his home, banging on the door, he’s shocked and intrigued by her. She’s beautiful and intelligent -- if not a little strange. When she informs him she’s here to find her missing brother, he vows to stay out of it. Unfortunately, tuning Amber out isn’t as easy as he thinks.

From the moment our hero and heroine meet, you’ll sense their connection. Both have been harmed by events in the past, yet can’t deny their attraction to one another. I loved the slow burn and chemistry that strengthened along with the story and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The supporting cast is also fantastic and added so much to the plot and overall development of the work. Fantastical elements aside, this is a book about people, relationships, and hope, and Ms. McGary never allows you to forget that.

Well written and fast paced -- with tons of action, steam, and suspense -- you’ll soar through The Wild Irish Sea and finish before you’re ready. This is definitely a book for the revered TBR list.