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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trouble In Texas by Roni Adams

Trouble In Texas by Roni Adams
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (329 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Charli Boyd, "good time Charli" to her friends and even her enemies. She's wants nothing to do with committed relationships. She isn't interested in marriage or babies or settling down in one place for more than a night or two. A brief stay on her friend's ranch, the Double B, leads to a temporary job helping in the grouchy Dr. Clark's veterinarian office. Not her usual role, but the idea of playing nurse to the cute but grouchy doctor is too much fun to resist. Besides, Doc needs to lighten up and she's just the gal to show him how.

Small town vet Dr. Grant Clark has no time for such nonsense. He has a business to run, horses to tend and hopefully at some point in the future he'll meet a nice woman who he can raise a family with. The wild redheaded Charli is nothing but trouble. The last person he needs in his life right now is someone like her. But when she sets her sights on seducing him, how long will he be able to resist her tempting offer of a walk on the wild side.

Sassy, sexy Charli is TROUBLE, especially for veterinarian Grant Clark. The beautiful, redheaded temptress speaks her mind, teases, and has a reputation as a good-time girl. She likes it that way. However, her friends recognize her compassion, loyalty, intelligence, and deep-down insecurities. Her fear of being like her mother that abandoned her and her father when Charli was just a little girl keeps her from serious relationships. She plans to never marry and run the risk of hurting a man or a child like she and her father had been hurt. But the gorgeous, grouchy doctor is tempting for a fling. This “fling’ turns out to be a life-changing experience AND the reader gets to share (well, vicariously) the whole emotion-filled adventure.

Dr. Grant Clark has sown his wild oats and wants to settle down with a plain, no-drama sweet wife, have children, and enjoy a stable home. His plan has no place for Charli, who arrives to be temporary help while his business partner is away on her honeymoon. Bless his heart, he doesn’t have a chance when Charli lays siege.

Incredibly romantic lovemaking with an emotional impact that scares Charli because her heart get involved make Trouble In Texas enrapturing. The ecstasy and special “knowing” Charli feels when she is with Grant is unfamiliar territory for her. She gets frantic at times and does some dumb things, but love doesn’t give up on her.

If you have read other Double B Series books, you’ll get to catch up on what’s going on with some exciting acquaintances. If not, the Trouble In Texas is a great book to start with. Engaging, vibrant characters whip this story into a full gallop as Charli and Grant race along with a relationship neither one of them knows how to handle.

Roni Adams’ lively, enthralling writing style brings characters to life and imbues them with a full range of emotions that make Trouble In Texas delightful fun, thought-provoking, redemptive, and, above all else, a love story that makes the heart sing.