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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sister Laurel & the Atheist by Dee Dawning

Sister Laurel & the Atheist by Dee Dawning
Publisher: All Romance eBooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (86 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Wildly attracted to each other, can a beautiful, shy sister and a devilishly handsome atheist fall in love and find happiness despite their differences?

It was love at first sight. That’s what the lovely, shy Sister in Waiting Laurel, and the devilishly, handsome Julian Peters both agree. But is their overpowering love and attraction enough to allow this unlikely couple to overcome the obvious societal obstacles plus the differences between their own core beliefs to make a life together?

Love at first sight, as dreamily romantic as it sounds, poses a huge challenge to Laurel and Julian. She is after all, dedicated to a whole other calling. And let’s face it – sometimes the sexual attraction is not accompanied by emotions on the same scale, but in this case, right from the kick off, we all want it to be truly an affair de’ heart. Not that there aren’t the physical interludes; and the impact of the first is simply hysterical

This is less about an internal struggle to accept the demands of her own heart, as I kind of expected. Rather she’s hysterically appalled at her own feelings and behavior! This is a very unserious look at a romp gone wrong and the amazing attraction to one sexy, super-naughty (and determined) man. Laurel has an unexpectedly interfering family, gets no sympathy on her personal challenges – no matter where she turns, she doesn’t get the support she thinks she needs at the time. One titillating incident just leads to the next.

I will say that the bouncy point of view will annoy some to no end; Dawning does it rather quite abruptly and unapologetically though it somehow suits the speed and overall irreverence of this work.

Snappy dialogue and dizzying details keep readers as off kilter as poor Laurel and just as enthralled with Julian.

This is a quick and fun read; but make no mistake – even with all the humor, the center of Sister Laurel & the Atheist is a heartfelt romance. Very enjoyable.