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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Sexorcist by Vivi Andrews

The Sexorcist by Vivi Andrews
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (173 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Everything that can go wrong, will…especially when a demon helps things along.

Karmic Consultants, Book 3

When a mischief demon threatens a wedding, who’s a Karmic Consultant gonna call? Brittany Hylton-VanDeere. Brittany’s never planned a wedding before, but how hard could averting demon-induced matrimonial disasters be? Her particular brand of cockeyed optimism has always carried her through—but this time there’s a complication. A tattooed, badass exorcist who’s tempting her to break the no-office-dating rule.

Luis Rodriguez isn’t sure what to make of bright-eyed, somewhat illogical Brittany, but he’ll take any job that gives him a break from exorcising demons for pampered, lusting housewives. Helping pull off a wedding is not exactly his idea of a break, but who knew that Brittany’s infectious enthusiasm would be so, so seductive?

As the demon keeps finding ways to throw Brittany and Rodriguez together, they find themselves sliding deeper into a forbidden romance. But distractions are something they can’t afford. The demon’s aggression is rising, and it plans to stop the wedding. Even if it means stopping Brittany…permanently.

Brittany Hylton-VanDeere wants to live a normal life, with a place of her own, and a real job. She applies for a job at Karmic Consultants as a receptionist, and is thrilled to be hired. When the resident exorcist, Luis Rodriguez, walks in the door, she almost melts, the attraction is so hot for her. Luis, on the other hand, is tired of being known as the “sexorcist”, with bored housewives vying for his attentions by summoning demons to be exorcised.

When the wedding of Karmic Consultants employee, Lucy is threatened by the resignation of the wedding planner, Brittany steps in and smoothes things over. This gets her the job as secretary/wedding planner, and things start to get on track for the wedding. At least until the demon behind all the mischief escalates his plan.

Can Brittany carry off this wedding in spite of demonic intervention? Can she convince Rodriguez that she isn’t another of the rich society ladies trying to win a bet to bed him? Can Brittany’s cockeyed optimism work in her favor and save the wedding, and the day?

This book was a lot of fun to read. The characters created by Vivi Andrews are real and interesting, and multifaceted.

Brittany is cheerful, determined, and ready to break free from her over protective family. She just wants to live a normal life, after being protected most of her life due to heart problems. But she got a new lease on life with a transplanted heart, and refuses to see the darker aspects of life. It is this optimistic streak that helps to convince people to take a chance on her.

Luis Rodriguez is the polar opposite of Brittany: dark, brooding and talented as an exorcist, and sexy to the point of distraction. All he wants is a woman who will love him, that he can love in return. He and Brittany are thrown together once it becomes clear that there is demonic involvement in the problems with the wedding. This results in lots of hot and heavy sex in places both normal and not so normal-the fitting room scene is not for the faint of heart, believe me.

Of course, the demon and certain prejudices insure that this romance doesn’t run smoothly. I loved that Brittany refused to give up on getting everything she wanted. I loved the humor in this too; there were many laugh out loud spots in this book. There is a marvelous sense of independence in Brittany, and because I liked her so much, I was delighted to see her get the happy ever after she and Rodriguez so richly deserved.