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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outlaw’s Kiss by Cia Leah

Outlaw’s Kiss by Cia Leah
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Holiday, Suspense/Mystery, Christmas
Length: Short (42 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Breed Colton has been an outlaw on the run since he was framed fifteen years before. On the run from bounty hunters and a gunshot wound in his shoulder, Breed seeks help at Callie Michael's cabin. Down on his luck and having missed Christmas, Breed finds Callie's help a balm to his battered heart and life as it has been, but Callie also needs his help.

Alone since her Pa's death before Christmas, Callie is at the mercy of a ruthless man who is trying to steal her property away from her by any means he can and Breed vows he won't let the man get away with it. He finds that he wants to start the New Year out right this year and Callie's kiss is the one he desires at midnight on New Year's Eve to put the past behind him once and for all.

Take my land over my dead body!

Sounds determined, doesn’t it? Callie is more than just determined; she’s got pride in ownership. What’s this got to do with Breed? Well, you need to read Outlaw’s Kiss to learn more.

Historicals aren’t my forte. They tend to be trite and lack originality. This story isn’t one of those. Ms. Leah writes an intriguing story with plenty of twists and turns that held me fast in my seat.

Granted this is a short story, but I still felt it was the right length. Yes, I wanted to know more once the tale ended, but I still thought it was just fine. I even liked the bevy of characters and how Ms. Leah wove the story. The ending was better than I expected and nothing like I figured.

There was a bit of head-hopping that was a little irritating because it was hard to decide whose point of view I was in, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from reading on. The other thing that I found confusing was the incident with the barn, because being an animal person, I wanted to know what happened to the horses.

I could relate to Callie because she was lonely and wanted to be loved. She wanted to keep her little piece of Earth. Breed happened to be darned nice eye candy. I could also relate to her fortitude in the face of danger. When it came to protecting her things and the ones she loved, this girl had guts of steel.

If you want a sweet little Christmasy story, then you need to read Outlaw’s Kiss.