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Friday, June 11, 2010

Into the Grae by Nicola Beaumont

Into the Grae by Nicola Beaumont
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Historical, Gothic Romance, Inspirational
Length: Short (77 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

Graeme McCracken, Lord Hamel, is cursed. Loving him is deadly, so he vows never again. Never fall in love, never risk another woman. Then he rescues Felicity Worthington and falls in love with the feisty beauty—but his love is fatal. Now, only God can save her…but will He, when He is the very God who cursed Graeme to begin with?

Felicity Worthington is on a mission from God: Kill Graeme McCracken and avenge her friend’s death. But the lord of the manor is strangely alluring and mysteriously magnetic—not at all the cold-hearted murderer painted by her mind’s eye. As she begins to trust, to love, she is devastated to find that Graeme is indeed the Butcher of Beacon Hill. When her life is threatened, she learns that only faith and love can save her from becoming the next victim on the moor.

The Scottish moors - a perfect setting for a Gothic romance.

Felicity Worthington certainly was surprised when her rescuer after a storm turns out to be the same person she'd come to wreak revenge upon. She's a plucky heroine with a duty to her friend to act out. She is utterly confused when she meets Graeme. She actually likes him and doesn't know if she should distrust him or not.

Graeme McCraken, Lord Hamel, is the same man Felicity thought of as the devil himself before she met him. In actuality, he has a gentle spirit, a strong belief in God and a handsome visage hard for any woman to resist. Yet, he seems cursed as everyone he's loved have met bitter ends. His heart is heavy and he's had to keep it closed after so much loss.

What a delightfully written book. Each sentence held me in suspense, wanting to know what would happen next. Ms. Beaumont has a beautiful style of writing. The author’s vast knowledge of words is apparent from the very first sentence. And these juicy gems draw you into the story at first glance. Her powerful word choices paint a picture that enamors and enthralls. Wonderful dialogue, both internal and external. It was believable as 19th century speech.

I was very excited to read this story as it was purported to be a Gothic in the true sense of a Gothic romance. The author uses the natural elements to display emotions and the plot of revenge comes to the fore from the very beginning. Then there are supposed curses and unexplained deaths. It was a thrill — really and truly. Though only a story of less than a hundred words, it is complete and fully satisfying and I have to recommend it for fans of Gothic Romance.