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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Howl by Mariposa Cruz

Howl by Mariposa Cruz
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short (58 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

As if Kate Owens doesn't have enough problems as a struggling single mom and paralegal, a brutal animal attack outside her office plunges her into turmoil. At work, she is attracted to her rescuer, Jack Walker, an attorney wary of commitment. Every morning after the attack she awakes drenched in blood beside the body of a mangled stray. Kate's days become a battle to maintain control while her nights are a disturbing blur of dreams. Will Kate's nightly madness harm her young daughter?

Lone wolf attorney, Jack Walker understands the reason for his paralegal's exhaustion and haunted demeanor. Jack has pursued the beast since law school graduation and he knows the creature's relentless thirst for revenge. Can Jack save Kate from her attacker and her own savage nature?

When is it not safe to walk in the dark? When you’re being stalked by something not quite human. Want to know more? Then you need to read Howl.

I love a good werewolf/vampire/shape-shifter story and this one doesn’t disappoint. Ms. Cruz spins a story that kept me right in my seat throughout. The characters are rich with detail and I felt like I was part of the tale, right alongside them. The secondary characters really enhanced the story as well. They made me laugh and smile. But more than that, the abundance of characters helped me see the group as more of a family.

Kate is an interesting heroine in that she does things that aren’t in my opinion, heroic, but as I got through the story, I realized why she did as she did. I loved her attachment to her child and the way she acted to keep her from harm.

I found the early relationship between Jack and Kate a little bland. I got the hint they were friends, but then there were little moments where I wasn’t sure if they had been more or not. I wanted to see a bit more heat between them earlier on to give the impression of attraction.

Jack, as the hero, is powerful, but I wanted to see more of him. There were chunks where he isn’t in the story and it worked, but I missed him. There were times when I thought his involvement could’ve been better explained.

But even so, I liked the story.

If you want a paranormal story that will make you think and smile, then you need to read Howl.