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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Hint of Magic by Linda Andrews

A Hint of Magic by Linda Andrews
Publisher: Zumaya Publications
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy
Length: Full (319 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Larkspur

All Molly Stark ever wanted was a family of her own, but an ugly divorce cost her her dream. Or did it? When the handsome, if somewhat odd, professor hires her to house-sit for him, Molly has no idea she’s about to enter a world she doesn’t believe exists, a world where villains from the distant past travel across time in search of five powerful gems and a battered stuffed dragon shares secrets with her young son. Her life becomes even more surreal when her employer not only says he wants to marry her but insists on it—and Molly isn’t about to argue. She needs to provide her son a complete family to keep her ex from gaining custody. Molly doesn’t believe in magic and fairy tales are for children and people who haven’t had to deal with life and its sharp corners. It may be that very unbelief that will not only shatter her new dreams but destroy everything and everyone she loves.

Lance Knight lives double life and he’s about to complicate matters with the romance factor. Being a single mom has been Molly’s greatest accomplishment, but she’s always dreamed of someone, someone just for her, has always dreamed of a strong man to rely on but after her marriage ended painfully she wonders if it will ever happen, then she meets Lance, but will he be her knight in shining armor, turn her existence upside down or be just a nightmare.

Linda Andrews gives us a whimsical tale in her good versus evil with hints of magic story. The plot is unique and interesting and her dialogue is straightforward and informative.

I really enjoyed getting to know the hero and heroine. Ms. Andrews' characters are engrossing, especially her hero, Lance, and heroine, Molly. While some are just gross like her villains. I wanted to see the happy ending for Lance and Molly and to see the villains get what's coming to them. This story delivered.

The love story is sweet, almost to the point of saccharine. I almost wanted a bit more conflict than what was there. Their circumstances are complicated but the relationship is not. Sometimes we need over the top boy gets girl stories, which this one is. Ms. Andrews' love scenes are spicy but are portrayed with finesse and a touch of innocence, and a background moral that love conquers all.

Do you love myths and magical creatures, knights and good versus evil? Do you love a great love story with characters that will stay with you long after the last page is closed? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions than I guarantee you that this novel will fit the bill.